K92 Secret Sound


1. This sound has two parts

2. It has a motor

3. Miriam's drug-free website

4. Cardiac arresting

5. Scare asylum

6. Erica's sexy song

7. Macklemore 14

8. Burt Reynolds won't get over his divorce

9. Korn, Natalie Cole and John Lennon

10. Can be done with a hand or a paddle

11. Mary Pat Gleason performs

12. When you go on vacation, you're probably doing this

13. A fish cooker

14. Brian Hoyer, Tom Brady and Eli Manning

15. Washington is on their third

16. When you see brake lights

17. It's coming to an end

18. A frosty and snowy poem

19. This sound is likely in your kitchen

20. Starting, then stopping