K92's Topless Carwash with CW5, benefitting TAP - Sabrina's Place

  K92 and CW5 are ready to take our tops off. Literally!


Introducting the K92 Topless Car Wash


Saturday, September 21st from Noon-3pm
behind the Firestone at Tanglewood Mall in Roanoke.


Tomorrow People on CW5


What's this you ask?

...How about a dozen ripped, muscle bound,
gorgeous hot gentlemen that we've gathered from all the local gyms,
taking their shirts off and getting soapy for YOU,
to raise money for TAP's "Sabrina's Place"...
a supervised visitation and exchange program for victims of
domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and stalking.


$5 gets your car washed,
or give a little more and our boys might just give you a little show!


Even if it rains, this will be the best $5 you ever spent.



Here are the hotties now:


Alex R

Age 19

Born:  Boones MillAlex - K92 Topless Car Wash

Gym:  Elite Health and Fitness, Roanoke

I grew up a fat kid,  weighing 183 pounds at 14-years old, and was 5-foot-6 with 26 percent body fat (according to my high school athletic trainer). After three months on the high school wrestling team, I was down to 145 pounds.

Although I was slim, I got addicted to the weight loss and was completely uneducated on what to do, so I stopped eating almost all together. I developed anorexia and battled it for three years.  From out of nowhere, I had a realization of the truth. I was sitting in the sauna thinking about all the great physiques I'd always worshipped, and I decided I was sick of being the little guy who had no muscle and no right to be proud of myself.
I met a couple older guys at my gym who I'd always wanted to look like, and they took me in as a little brother and began teaching and training me. I owe everything to those two. They introduced me to what I want to do for the rest of my life. I've never had a passion so strong for something.
I competed in my first bodybuilding show at the age of 17, and my next one will be on October 12th in Roanoke VA, then another in Greensboro on November 2nd. I encourage everyone in Roanoke to come check it out, its a huge inspiration for people looking to get in shape!

Anthony - K92 Topless Car Wash

Anthony Ferguson

Age 36

Born:  Fayetteville, NC  |  Resides:  Roanoke

Gym:  P90X Roanoke / Ferguson Fitness

Bench:  315

I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran and have been personal training and managing fitness departments for the past fifteen years.  Our business, Ferguson Fitness, coaches hundreds of clients online, along with programs like P90X Roanoke, Star City Boot Camp, and Blue Ridge Fitness Festival. 

I am honored to be part of this unique way to raise money for charity.

Learn More Online:  FergusonFitness.com


BlakeBlake - K92 Topless Car Wash C

Age 26

Born: Ft. Myers, FL  |  Resides:  Roanoke

Gym:  Golds South

Bench:  405

My name is Blake, and I have been lifting weights for the past 3 years.  I originally started because I always wanted to be in fitness magazines.  Well, hard work pays off!  When I was living in Boca a few years ago, I got picked up by Silver Model Management in New York, which is the biggest fitness modeling agency in the U.S.  Although I enjoyed modeling, I missed being in the mountains, so now I live here in Roanoke and run one of the local Complete Nutrition stores.




Blake MBlake M - K92 Topless Car Wash

Age 23

Born: Roanoke

Gym:  Gold's Gym North Roanoke

Bench Max:  I don't max... I just lift

My name is Blake, and bodybuilding is my passion.  I lift not only to be strong and fit, but to look good with my shirt off for pleasure.  Would you liek me to wash your car?




 Charles B - K92 Topless Car Wash

Charles B

Age 28

Born: Roanoke

Gym: Elite Health and Fitness






Gabe - K92 Topless Carwash 


Age: 30

Born: Roanoke

Gym: Planet Fitness

Bench Max:  Whatever you want to throw on there playa!! Lol 





K92 Topless Car Wash


Age: A mystery!

Born:  Roanoke

Gym: Gold's Gym North Roanoke







K92 Topless Car Wash

Josh Wimmer

Age: 28

Born:  Roanoke

Gym: Gold's Gym South Roanoke






K92's Topless Carwash with CW5, benefitting TAP - Sabrina's Place