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Sheetz Pigskin Challenge (Week 4)

Guess who’s back?! Back again! After a huge 11-4 weekend, I have regained my (fictional) title as the greatest football prognosticator in the history of forever! Tell ’em Natch… Thank you to this week’s contestant KAT from Roanoke for playing this week’s Sheetz Pigskin Challenge. NO WINNER MEANS A $100 SHEETZ GIFT CARD IS ON…Continue Reading


Literally, all I have talked about, listened to and thought about all weekend is “A Star is Born.” I’m uhhhbsessed. Gaga is amazing. Bradley is amazing. The soundtrack is amazing. It is seriously the best movie of 2018. I won’t spoil anything on here, but it follows the Barbra Streisand version to a T. Of course, the…Continue Reading

Sheetz Pigskin Challenge (Week 3) – BP

Well… SHUCKS! No way to sugar coat it, listener friend Eric from Blacksburg beat the (you know what) out of me this week. For his efforts, Eric won a $150 Sheetz Gift Card. On the real, congratulations, Eric! (Shout out to Eric’s Heating and AC in Christiansburg) It’s easy to be a part of the…Continue Reading

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! – KT

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is something that I am so passionate about…something that is so near to my heart because my mom had breast cancer a couple of years ago. Never ever ever had anyone in my family, immediate or extended, have breast cancer. Never. So imagine our shock…Continue Reading

BP’s Stuff… Things…

I sat down with Rail Yard Dawgs Team President, Mickey Gray, and Director of Corporate Partnerships and Marketing, Alexandra Martin, to discuss the upcoming season, how you can WIN A CAR at the home opener and other behind the scenes stuff… things…  Continue Reading

My Mom Got Engaged! – Taylor

Well, I gave away what this blog was going to be about in the title, but YES! My mom got engaged!! Here’s my mom…look at this beautiful woman: Whenever we meet someone new, they always assume we’re sisters. Either she looks young or I look old. We’re gonna go with the former. Anyways, here’s her…Continue Reading

“A Simple Favor” was Simply Perfect – Taylor

Waddup. I’ve realized my blog has become more like a forum for movie reviews, so I thought I’d fill you in on my latest thoughts on the highly anticipated new film, “A Simple Favor.” I’m not going to spoil anything, other than the fact that I think Blake Lively is truly the most beautiful woman…Continue Reading

Sheetz Pigskin Challenge (Week 2) – BP

Look who is 2-0! (HINT: It’s me) It came down to Monday night against Steve from Roanoke, but in the end I picked the Steelers and I remain undefeated! TELL ‘EM ZOD! It’s easy to be a part of the fun… Listen to K92 Thursdays at 3:35pm during the NFL season for your chance to…Continue Reading

#DramaticWeathermanChallenge – KT

First I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Florence, especially those in the Carolinas. Here in Roanoke we haven’t experienced even half of what they are still calling for over there in Wilmington. I’ve been watching the news alot…as I always do. Every morning before I head…Continue Reading