Literally, all I have talked about, listened to and thought about all weekend is “A Star is Born.” I’m uhhhbsessed.

Gaga is amazing. Bradley is amazing. The soundtrack is amazing. It is seriously the best movie of 2018.Image result for a star is born

I won’t spoil anything on here, but it follows the Barbra Streisand version to a T. Of course, the music is different (and waaaaaay better), but it’s the same jist (and ending).

I know movie tickets are crazy expensive (13.25 what the heck!!!), but bless MoviePass for actually working the day I saw it, so it was a freebie for me, but I would have GLADLY paid for a ticket.

It was one of those movies where everyone clapped when the credits rolled. THAT’S when you know it’s good.Image result for a star is born

I really don’t have any concrete thoughts, because I could drone on and on, I just 1000000% encourage everyone to see it.

“But I don’t like musicals.” – It’s not a musical. Yes, there’s music in it (goosebump type music), but they don’t randomly break out into song. They sing in the appropriate settings – on stage, recording studios, pianos, etc.

“Can Gaga even act?” – BOO YES SHE CAN. Gaga wanted to be an actress waaaaaay before the world discovered she could sing. If she doesn’t get an Oscar nomination, I will sue. I don’t know who I’m suing, but I’m suing.

“Can Bradley Cooper even sing?” BOO YES HE CAN. The movie is 100% live singing, and zero lip-syncing. He completely became this character, and it shows throughout the whole film. Bradley is a very underrated actor.

In conclusion, ASIB is amazeballs, and I leave you with this gem that made me cry in the theater:

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