Driving Two Hours for Cheesecake – Taylor

Here’s the thing – food is my love language.

I love to eat with people. I love to eat alone. I love to eat in my car. I love to eat watching TV. I just love to eat.

I’m honestly a healthy person, as in I am not a junk food fan & my breakfasts, lunches & dinners are usually low-cal & healthy. BUT what kills me is my sweeeeet tooth. I can eat eggs for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a grilled chicken for dinner, but for dessert, I’ll have a bowl of cookie dough. (YES, raw eggs baby – none of that “edible cookie dough” crap they try to sell you. I want Nestle or Betty Crocker or anything where I’m at risk for salmonella).

I’m getting away from the point. I love The Cheesecake Factory, but the closest one is in Richmond, which is two hours away from me. But is that gonna stop me? Not at all.

So I grabbed my bestie Emily & we took a day trip for dessert. Because life is too short to not gorge on delicious cheesecake. Enjoy the vlog below:

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