How Well Does My BFF Know Me?! – Taylor

In today’s installment of “Taylor Sends You to Her YouTube Channel,” I’m sending you to a video I made a few months ago with my best friend, Hannah.

Lil back story: Hannah & I met on freshman year move-in day. I had no idea I had met my future BFF that day & I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share the college experience with. We’ve made SO many memories together:

She let me color her hair (when I have zeeeero experience whatsoever, but I gotta say it wasn’t horrible.):

We went to a costume party as Barney Stinson & Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother:

And one of my favorite memories, she surprised me on my 21st birthday by driving all the way from Michigan (even though she lowkey spoiled the surprise two days before):

So as life goes, we both graduated in May and have had to part ways to go into the next chapter of our lives (but I’m flying to see her in a few weeks & am SO excited!) A few nights before she left to move home, we made a video reflecting on our friendship & quizzing each other on how well we know each other. She didn’t know a basic fact about me! Check it out:

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