Sheetz Pigskin Challenge – Week 11

Bob done got his butt kicked!
Listener friend Bobby from Lynchburg picked games at a 10-3 clip, crushing my paltry 6-7 disgrace, and wins a $150 Sheetz Gift Card. CONGRATULATIONS BOBBY!

This one stings a bit…
It’s easy to be a part of the fun.

Listen to K92 Thursdays at 3:35pm during the NFL season for your chance to go head to head with me in the Sheetz Pigskin Challenge. We’ll pick the winners of each game and if you pick more winners than me you’ll win a Sheetz gift card.

Listen up, football fans! When you’re following games and your fantasy teams, you don’t want to break away only to wait in lines. That’s why the Sheetz app lets you order ahead so you can skip the lines in store. Download it today! Sheetz Run & Done.