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Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! – KT

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is something that I am so passionate about…something that is so near to my heart because my mom had breast cancer a couple of years ago. Never ever ever had anyone in my family, immediate or extended, have breast cancer. Never. So imagine our shock when my mom came home with the report that she had stage 3. It was like a bomb was dropped on my entire family. I was heading into my first year of college so it was super hard for me to leave her knowing that she needed me more than anything.

It was weird because we never saw the signs. Up until that point my mom was perfectly healthy and normal. Up until the day she was diagnosed we never saw the symptoms or signs. Honesty we didn’t even know to look for them. That is why I am so passionate about breast cancer awareness. I never want any woman…or any family to experience what mine did. The state of complete helplessness and desperation is something I don’t wish on anyone. So I make it my goal to tell people to get checked!! Look out for the signs!! Know the symptoms so if you see something abnormal you’ll know to do something about it before its too late.

below are some signs and symptoms you should look out for!! Ladies check yourself regularly and never hesitate to ask your doctor things even if you think its over something small. It could save your life.






#DramaticWeathermanChallenge – KT

First I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Florence, especially those in the Carolinas. Here in Roanoke we haven’t experienced even half of what they are still calling for over there in Wilmington. I’ve been watching the news alot…as I always do. Every morning before I head…Continue Reading

I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes – KT

  Its 90 degrees outside right now, but I bet someone somewhere is wearing Uggs drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte today. We’re about a month out from Fall and Starbucks decided to bring back the infamous PSL today. It just came back out and its been all over my timeline all. dam. day. I have…Continue Reading

#BlackGirlMagic – KT

Wow. Shout out to my girl Simone Biles. I will point out that people always say I look like either her or Gabby Douglas. 1, because I’m black. 2, because I used to be a cheerleader so I have the gymnast body or whatever. ANYWAY, Simone made HISTORY this past weekend. She became the first…Continue Reading

RIP Queen of Soul!! – KT

Today, August 16th 2018, the Queen of Soul…one of my idols…passed away at the age of 76. Aretha Franklin has inspired not only me but so many people for many years with her music. She will be missed, but the memory of her greatness as a musician and just an overall amazing human being will…Continue Reading

Nicki Minaj’s New Album QUEEN. Bop or Flop??? -KT

QUEEN is finally here! After several delays and push backs its finally here. I don’t know about you but I am SICK and tired of this Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B drama. Why can’t both female rappers be dope? Why can there only be one queen? Cardi B’s debut album went number one on the…Continue Reading

I Went on a Three Day Military Diet!!! – KT

I’m a biggggg fitness freak if you didn’t know. I was going on vacation and wanted to have a banging body or whatever for Arizona. So I thought I would try to do the infamous military diet that everyone on YouTube has been doing. They said you could lose 10 pounds in 3 days??? Oh…Continue Reading