KT – Kayla Thomas 

“One day I woke up and decided I wanted to try radio….aaaand here I am. Pray for ya girl” @K92KT

Kayla is a Maryland native who came to the Virginia area to pursue a degree in Digital Media at Liberty University. She graduated in December of 2016 and has already dove head first into the career of her dreams.

Kayla has been with K92 since the summer of 2016 where she started out as an intern; now she is the loud, sassy voice of the midday show.

In addition to being a radio personality she also loves to make YouTube videos, workout, throw parties, watch football, and to change her hairstyle every month.


“2018 Billboard Music Awards”

Everyone was talking about the 2018 Billboard Music Awards! Though there was alot of great performances…honestly I wasn’t that impressed with the whole thing. For a full recap of winners and performances click here!



“Yanny?” “Laurel?” Both?

Its like that dang blue/ gold dress thing all over again!!! I’m just gonna go out and say it!! I hear Yanny. I don’t understand how people can hear Laurel but it is what it is. I’ve done some research to try and get to the bottom of why people hear different things when this audio is played. Apparently it’s by the frequency you hear, so the louder the bass is on the device you’re listening from…the more the word “Laurel” will be pronounced and the higher the pitch is, the word Yanny will be heard! Something like that..idk… My head is still blown by the fact some people can hear both!!! If you want to try your luck at  the two words “Yanny” and “Laurel”, i’ll leave a link down below…listen to it and tell me what you hear.



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DSW Opening in Roanoke

I can’t help but love this store! It’s literally my favorite because of all the discounted prices! DSW has finally come to Roanoke. So you already know I went and got me some Pink Steve Madden Lancer sneakers and  also some boots .They have brands like: Adidas, Vans, Nike, Sketchers. The list can just go on and on!!! I’m giving out 50 dollar gift cards every day this week at 12:35… just text the word “SHOE” to 52353, send me the 50th text and this gift card is yours!!! For pictures of my DSW shoes… go to my Instagram @Kaylathomas40. Here is a sneak peek.



“GHOSTED” Hair Trend

I seriously can’t keep up with the constant changes in trends nowadays! There’s a new hair color everyone is wearing…and the color is called “Ghosted”. When you think of the word “Ghosted” you automatically think of someone who disappears on you because they simply aren’t interested anymore. Well this hair color gets has its name for a reason. The shimmery shades reveal themselves so quick, like in the blink of an eye. So fast you question if you even saw them or not. Check out the pictures, I might have to hop on this new trend!



I don’t know who I’ve become!! I’ve never been the type to count calories but lately I’ve been addicted to it. Shoutout to Ben and Jerry’s for invented a new low calorie ice cream. They’re calling it their new Moo-phoira. Its apparently light in fat and calories and heavy on the flavaaaa! THAT is what I like to hear. One serving is 140-160 calories! Sign me up!


KT’S HOT MINUTE-February 5


Oh my goshhhhh! I need this! My biggest problem every single morning is hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock saying “Just 5 more minutes…that’s it” And another 30 minutes goes by and BOOM…late. This would be a great Valentine’s Day gift; the perfect present for people like me who just can’t get out of bed in the morning. With the Ruggie, you have to use your feet to turn off the alarm. So it forces you to get out of bed and stand up. BRILLIANT.

Check it out! 


Okay this is strange….and gross. But apparently its a thing! Forget the flowers, chocolates and candy for Valentines Day. Why not get your significant other a coach-roach named after them! HAHAHAHA! Im not kidding, THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING. I guess if you’re girlfriend or boyfriend is in to nature and bugs maybe this will be something he or she would like. You can name a roach for 15 dollars, or you can get fancy with it and for 74 dollars you can get a whole roach package. That will include a roach pin, roach sock, chocolate (finally something normal) and a printed certificate verifying a roach was named after your person. This probably doesn’t sound appealing to you but for the one person who it does appeal to…..click the link below and thank me later.