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Jussie Smollet Prosecutor Kim Foxx Adds Security Team After Death Threats

Kim Foxx is taking threats against her life in the wake of the Jussie Smollett case very seriously -- and is now being trailed by round-the-clock security ... TMZ has learned.  The embattled Cook County State's attorney, who revealed this week… ... Continue Reading

Rapper Bun B Shoots Armed Robber in His Houston Home

Bun B got into a shoot-out inside his own home with an intruder who tried to make off with the rapper's wife's luxury car.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ around 5:45 last night, there was a knock at Bun B's door ... his wife, Queenie, opened… ... Continue Reading

President Trump is 'Putin's Bitch' According to Vandalized Hollywood Star

10:28 AM PT -- A rep for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells us they sent out a crew this morning to clean the star off ... it was done at no cost. We're told The Hollywood Historic Trust will be filing a police report for the… ... Continue Reading

Damian Lillard's Sister Stormed Court For Game Winner, 'That's My MF'ing Bro!'

This is the GREATEST reaction to Damian Lillard's game-winning shot Tuesday night -- his sister storming the court while screaming "That's my brother" ... and she got the whole thing on video!!! LaNae Lillard was sitting courtside at the Moda… ... Continue Reading

Tom Brady Leads NFL Players In Merch Sales, Guess Who's #2?!

Tom Brady wins EVERYTHING ... including fans' credit cards -- 'cause the NFL says the Patriots legend is its leader in merch sales AGAIN!!! So, the big question ... where does the league's HIGHEST-paid player rank on the list? Russell Wilson isn't… ... Continue Reading

Shawn Oakman Went Broke Fighting Bogus Rape Case, Sold Bowl Game Ring

Ex-Baylor superstar and NFL prospect Shawn Oakman says legal expenses from fighting a false rape allegation broke him ... so much so that he had to sell one of his Bowl game champion rings. The defensive end was accused of sexual assault in 2016,… ... Continue Reading

Steve-O Says Zeke Elliott's Self-Tat's Douchey But Hilarious, I Would Know!

"I think that it's perceived as kind of a douchey thing to do, but that's why it's funny!" That's Steve-O -- the man who made getting tattoos of himself on himself famous -- weighing in on Ezekiel Elliott's tat ... and, spoiler alert, the guy LOVES… ... Continue Reading

Trump's Top Economic Adviser Dishes Out Tips to NFL Draft Picks!

If Kyler Murray is thinking about using his first NFL paycheck to buy some crazy jewelry ... IT'S NOT A TERRIBLE IDEA!!! ... this according to Donald Trump's chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow.  Kudlow -- the director of the National… ... Continue Reading

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo's College Bribery Scandal Defense -- We Didn't Know

Lori Loughlin and her husband had no idea college bribery mastermind Rick Singer was going to grease the palm of a USC coach to get their daughter into USC ... sources familiar with the case tell TMZ. Our sources say ... lawyers for Lori and Mossimo… ... Continue Reading

Wendy Williams Has Completely Cut Off Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams is taking several steps -- professionally and personally -- to erase her estranged husband from her life, and she got the ball rolling even before serving him divorce papers. Sources close to Wendy tell TMZ ... she's totally cut… ... Continue Reading

Hailey Baldwin Comforts Devastated Justin Bieber as Maple Leafs Lose Game 7!

Justin Bieber PRAYED TO GOD his Toronto Maple Leafs would emerge victorious in Game 7 of their NHL playoff series ... so, when they lost, he REALLY needed comfort from his wife Hailey Baldwin.  Justin and Hailey were sitting in a private VIP… ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears Speaks on Mental Health Treatment, Assures Fans She's Okay

4/24 7:00 AM PT -- Britney was actually out and about Tuesday ... she went to a froyo joint in Santa Monica around 4 PM. She was driven there, and was asked if she had a message for her fans. We think she saved most of that for her Instagram post.… ... Continue Reading

Rapper Ace Hood Proposes to GF with Beyonce Track Playing

Ace Hood surprised the hell outta his girl ... first by playing some Beyonce in the background before getting down on one knee and proposing to her!!! The "Bugatti" rapper proposed to longtime GF, Shelah Marie, Tuesday night at… ... Continue Reading

Pete Wentz Cops to Being Super 'Dorky' for 'Game of Thrones,' Shares Theories

Pete Wentz is such an extreme "dork" for "Game of Thrones," he's almost apologizing for it, but he's also sharing some DEEP theories about the final season ... including who's next to kick the bucket. We got Pete outside of Craig's Tuesday… ... Continue Reading

Marshawn Lynch Retires from NFL, Again

It's over for Marshawn Lynch -- and this time, it's for good!  Beast Mode is reportedly hanging up his football cleats ... again ... retiring from the NFL after 11 seasons in the league, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.  The Oakland… ... Continue Reading

Soulja Boy Thinks $500k Burglary at His Home Was Inside Job

Soulja Boy's sitting in a jail cell, but even from there he can smell something fishy back at his house -- and it's that $500k burglary ... which he's now convinced was pulled off by someone close to him. Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ...… ... Continue Reading

Conor McGregor Hit Me with Brutal, Cheap Shot on Video, Boxer Claims

The man Conor McGregor boxed in an exhibition match in Ireland last week tells TMZ Sports ... Conor started off the fight with the WORST cheap shot he's ever seen ... and we got the video!!! "It was the cheapest shot I ever caught in me life, man,"… ... Continue Reading

Meghan Markle's Dad Thomas Not Going to UK for Birth of Royal Baby

Meghan Markle's father won't be around to spoil the joy of her firstborn ... because he's still iced out of the Royal Family. Sources close to Thomas Markle tell TMZ ... he's not traveling to London -- or making any plans to do so -- despite the… ... Continue Reading

Captain Marvel on '70s 'Shazam!' Show 'Memba Him?!

Jackson Bostwick was only 30 years old when he slipped into the shocking spandex and took on the role of the superhero Captain Marvel  -- opposite Michael Gray as the young boy Billy Batson -- on the short-running Saturday Morning television… ... Continue Reading

Luke Walton Accuser Kelli Tennant, 'I Thought He Was Going to Rape Me'

4:57 PM PT -- We asked if there was any video or photo evidence to help prove Tennant's case, and her attorney essentially told us no. 4:53 PM PT -- When asked what they want to get out of the case, Tennant's attorney says they have no particular… ... Continue Reading