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XXXTentacion Bought Several Homes for His Family Just Weeks Before Murder

XXXTentacion did his best to make sure everyone in his family was well taken care of ... buying many of them homes in the months leading up to his murder. Sources close to the rapper tell us his most important objective in life was to take care of… ... Continue Reading

Dennis Rodman Says Michael Jordan Turned Down Kim Jong-un Invite

Before Kim Jong-un met Dennis Rodman in North Korea -- he reached out to Michael Jordan, but got shot down by His Airness ... this according to Rodman himself.  The Worm appeared on "TMZ Live" and said the first time he met Kim Jong-un… ... Continue Reading

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

Donald Trump outdid himself with callousness this week by ripping children from the arms of their parents. And "Roseanne" is back!!! ... without Roseanne. So, we gotta ask ... ... Continue Reading

Mac Miller's G-Wagon in DUI Car Crash Up for Auction

The damages to the G-Wagon Mac Miller crashed will be someone else's problem ... once a winning bid's accepted at auction.  The whip's being auctioned off by the fine folks at Copart. The insurance company totaled the vehicle, because… ... Continue Reading

Madonna's Love Letter to 'Justify My Love' Music Vid Model Up for Auction

Madonna was crushing hard on the model she famously kissed in her 1990 "Justify My Love" video, and professed it in a love letter ... which could be yours, but not for cheap. The Material Girl sent the handwritten letter to Amanda Cazalet in… ... Continue Reading

Master P Says LiAngelo Should Go Back To School, LaVar Was Wrong

LaVar Ball doesn't know it all, and the proof is that LiAngelo didn't get drafted ... so says Master P,who tells TMZ Sports he thinks Gelo should go back to school. LiAngelo didn't hear his name called draft night ... leaving some to wonder what's… ... Continue Reading

Todd Gurley on Aaron Donald's Bench Press: I Lift Heavier!!

Todd Gurley was maybe the only human on the planet unimpressed by Aaron Donald's 495-pound bench press this week ... 'cause the running back says that's LIGHT WEIGHT for him. Is he joking? Maybe (probably) ... but the clip's funny anyway.  The… ... Continue Reading

Steve-O Says Corey Lewandowski's Digging His Own Grave Defending 'Womp, Womp'

Steve-O's got a real disdain for Corey Lewandowski but he's all for giving the guy a platform ... cause the guy keeps digging himself into a hole defending his "Womp, womp" comment. We got Steve-O out in Hollywood on Friday and wanted to… ... Continue Reading

Saints Star Alvin Kamara Covers Both Legs In Big-Ass Tattoos

NFL defenders will at least have something nice to look at as Alvin Kamara runs by them next season ... 'cause the Saints star just finished up his second leg sleeve -- and it's sick. AK had his whole right leg tatted a while ago, decked out with… ... Continue Reading

World Cup Bods -- Guess Who!

Kick off the summer season with these flexin' FIFA fellas! Put your World Cup knowledge to the test by scrolling through our gallery of jacked futball bods, and see if you can guess the sports star in the shredded shot. Out of this World ... Cup. ... Continue Reading

Dollywood Sued for over $2 mil by Family for Serious Spine Injury on Water Ride

A fun family trip to the water park turned into a nightmare for a mother of 2 when her back got seriously jacked up on a ride ... according to a new suit. A husband and wife are suing Dolly Parton's famous theme park, Dollywood, claiming they took… ... Continue Reading

XXXTentacion Struggled Before Murder and Killers Likely Knew His Identity

The person or persons who gunned down XXXTentacion likely knew who he was, and XXX struggled for his life. According to police documents, there were 2 men who jumped out of the passenger side of an SUV armed with guns and demanded property… ... Continue Reading

Clyde Drexler Says BIG3 Will Launch Guys Back to NBA

Clyde Drexler says the BIG3 league is packed with at least 12 dudes who have a real shot at NBA glory in 2018 ... telling TMZ Sports he expects his league to launch those guys back to The Association.  Drexler just took over as the commish of… ... Continue Reading

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Make Out in NYC Park

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin must really have a thing for PDA ... cuz the two were caught sucking face again out in the open. The newly crowned lovebirds were spotted in an NYC park Thursday in a full embrace and oblivious to everyone walking… ... Continue Reading

Blue Jays Pitcher Roberto Osuna Suspended for Domestic Violence Incident

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna has been suspended for 75 GAMES without pay by MLB for violating the league's domestic violence policy stemming from a May 8 incident.  Osuna was arrested for assault in Toronto after allegedly roughing… ... Continue Reading

Pistons' Eric Moreland Doesn't Care LiAngelo Ball Went Undrafted, 'He'll Be Fine'

Pistons power forward Eric Moreland doesn't see a problem with LiAngelo Ball not getting picked in Thursday's NBA Draft ... telling TMZ Sports, if Gelo works hard enough -- it won't even matter!! See, Moreland went undrafted himself back in… ... Continue Reading

'Roseanne' Crew All Welcome Back for 'The Conners' Reboot

Good news for everyone who worked on the original reboot of "Roseanne" -- they've all been invited back for reboot 2.0 ... except for Roseanne, of course. Sources close to production tell TMZ ... all crew members who worked on the show that got… ... Continue Reading

President Trump Compares Murder Victim to Tom Selleck, 'Except Better Looking'

President Trump just tried to make light of an insanely tough situation in one of the most awkward exchanges we've seen ... and it revolves around Tom Selleck.  Trump was in Washington Friday, where he spoke to a group about the importance of… ... Continue Reading

Carolina Panthers Let 13-Year-Old Girl Practice with Team, She Hits Hard!!

The Carolina Panthers just fulfilled a badass little girl's wish ... and they might have found the team's future linebacker in the process. And, we're only kinda kidding. 13-year-old Kyleigh -- who's battling a severe endocrine disorder -- worked… ... Continue Reading

'Cooking on High' Star Ngaio Bealum Says Weed Food is More Than Just Brownies

"Cooking on High" star Ngaio Bealum has a message for all stoners and non-stoners out there -- limiting your weed palate to just brownies is the stuff of amateurs. The resident culinary weed expert for the new Netflix show was on "TMZ Live"… ... Continue Reading