Taylor Coleman was first introduced to listeners as “Intern Taylor” on the K92 Mornin’ Thang in 2015. She officially joined the K92 team as an on-air personality in 2016. Currently the night show host, Taylor entertains listeners with her thoughts on the latest celebrity hookups, stories of her love life (or lack thereof), and shamelessly promoting her social media.

When she does not have a microphone in front of her face, Taylor is working on homework and drowning in due dates. She is currently a student at Liberty University, earning a degree in journalism. She will graduate in 2018 and continue to pursue a career in broadcasting.

Thank You – Taylor

Tonight, I’m hanging up my headphones for the last time… 🎧🎙

When I started at K92 as “Intern Taylor” 3 years ago, I was SO excited to wake up at 5:30 a.m. three days a week to drive an hour away. It was such an amazing time in my life & I was dreading the day my internship would end. Well, it was one of those moments in life where God says, “Just wait, I have something better in store for you.” I couldn’t believe it when I was offered an on-air job (especially as a sophomore in college!)

K92 has given me me so many amazing opportunities that I will forever be grateful for, but I’m ready to close this incredible chapter of my life & start a new adventure (Pre-order my memoir – in stores in 2046).

Thanks for the support all these years & thank you for hanging in my corner of the radio!

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Literally, all I have talked about, listened to and thought about all weekend is “A Star is Born.” I’m uhhhbsessed.

Gaga is amazing. Bradley is amazing. The soundtrack is amazing. It is seriously the best movie of 2018.Image result for a star is born

I won’t spoil anything on here, but it follows the Barbra Streisand version to a T. Of course, the music is different (and waaaaaay better), but it’s the same jist (and ending).

I know movie tickets are crazy expensive (13.25 what the heck!!!), but bless MoviePass for actually working the day I saw it, so it was a freebie for me, but I would have GLADLY paid for a ticket.

It was one of those movies where everyone clapped when the credits rolled. THAT’S when you know it’s good.Image result for a star is born

I really don’t have any concrete thoughts, because I could drone on and on, I just 1000000% encourage everyone to see it.

“But I don’t like musicals.” – It’s not a musical. Yes, there’s music in it (goosebump type music), but they don’t randomly break out into song. They sing in the appropriate settings – on stage, recording studios, pianos, etc.

“Can Gaga even act?” – BOO YES SHE CAN. Gaga wanted to be an actress waaaaaay before the world discovered she could sing. If she doesn’t get an Oscar nomination, I will sue. I don’t know who I’m suing, but I’m suing.

“Can Bradley Cooper even sing?” BOO YES HE CAN. The movie is 100% live singing, and zero lip-syncing. He completely became this character, and it shows throughout the whole film. Bradley is a very underrated actor.

In conclusion, ASIB is amazeballs, and I leave you with this gem that made me cry in the theater:

My Mom Got Engaged! – Taylor

Well, I gave away what this blog was going to be about in the title, but YES! My mom got engaged!!

Here’s my mom…look at this beautiful woman:

Image may contain: Lolly Coleman and Taylor Coleman, people smiling, people sitting

Whenever we meet someone new, they always assume we’re sisters. Either she looks young or I look old. We’re gonna go with the former.

Anyways, here’s her amazing boyfriend Noah:Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

They’ve known each other for years and have been dating for almost 3 years. He is so sweet, thoughtful, patient, funny and all-around a great guy. There’s literally no man in the world who could put up what he does when my mom and I are together. We sing, we dance, we laugh loudly…we’re a package deal he happily embraces.

A few months ago, Noah asked me to lunch, just the two of us without my mom knowing. Well, I knew exactly what the purpose of the lunch was: he asked my permission to marry my mom. *cue happy tears*


So for the past few months, he and I have been in cahoots keeping this secret. He kept trying to get me to find out what kind of ring she would want. There’s literally no way to bring it up without her being suspicious, so Noah started to pick it out on his own. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my mom and I were eating dinner, and she randomly goes “What if Noah gets me ring I don’t like.” My ears perked up, and I put on an Oscar-worthy performance.

“Well, why don’t you tell me what kind of ring you’d want in case he ever asks me what you would like.”

She went on to describe her perfect ring, and so when she went out of town on a business trip, he and I went to the jewelry store and picked out a ring just like what she described.

They planned to go to the beach together and he was going to propose there. The day before they left, he took her dad to lunch and asked for her hand in marriage.


The night of the proposal arrived, and I have never been so antsy in all my life. I just couldn’t wait for the FaceTime call. He asked, she said YES!

She had absolutely nooooo idea! How we pulled this off is a miracle, but it played out so wonderfully. There’s no one who deserves happiness more than these two!Image may contain: Lolly Coleman and Noah Baker, people smiling, night and closeup

Also, can we look at this STUNNNAHHHH?!

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“A Simple Favor” was Simply Perfect – Taylor

Waddup. I’ve realized my blog has become more like a forum for movie reviews, so I thought I’d fill you in on my latest thoughts on the highly anticipated new film, “A Simple Favor.” I’m not going to spoil anything, other than the fact that I think Blake Lively is truly the most beautiful woman alive, but that’s something we all know.

I mean, come on!! I think I’m going to start wearing suits now.

Image result for a simple favor martini

As you know, I have MoviePass, but lately I’ve noticed that MoviePass will show a ton of movies at the beginning of the day, but in the evening, there’s like one or two movies available to see. It’s always movies no one is seeing, so when I woke up the day I was planning to see the movie, I checked my app, and sure enough, it was available! Around noon, I got in my car and decided to head to the theater to buy my ticket ahead of time, in case they removed the movie before I got there later on. I’m glad I did, because the kind folks at MoviePass removed it, and I was going to have to pay full price to see it. Ugh.

(I think I’m going to delete my subscription to MoviePass. What do you think?)

What was my point? Oh, yeah. The movie.

I couldn’t tell if it was a comedy or a drama. I think it was the perfect combination of the two, filled with the mystery of what the heck happened to Emily (Blake Lively). Some people called it a thriller, but I don’t think that’s an accurate genre – it’s definitely a who-dun-it.

Ultimately, I wasn’t super bummed I had to pay for a ticket, because it was totes worth the money. Life lesson from the movie: trust no one. Not even super hot Blake Lively.

It confirms the Hot/Crazy Scale – the hotter you are, the crazier you are.

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“The Nun” Should Have Been Titled “The Dud” – Taylor

So it’s totally possible I looked like a total psychopath going to a matinee showing of “The Nun” by myself this week, but it’s not my fault. My Scary Movie Buddy kept bailing on me to go see it, so being the independent woman I am, I flew solo.

Waste. Of. My. Life.

Thankfully, Movie Pass paid for this one, so I didn’t waste any money. It was seriously one of the worst movies of the year.

“The Nun” is the fifth installment in “The Conjuring” franchise, and I’m just going to pretend it didn’t happen. There was no real story line, the lines were cheesy, the acting was aight, but really just not scary at all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, The Nun herself is super scary. Who wants this under the bed at night?!

Image result for the nun

However, I just wasn’t scared. Maybe it’s because I’m a seasoned horror film fan, but this is just one you gotta skip. With the new Movie Pass plan, you can only see three movies a month, so I suggest saving it for something better. Or go ahead and see it, but just know it was a huge thumbs down for me.

In other horror film news, “Halloween” is just around the corner & I AM PUMPED. I’m so glad they’re pretending Halloween II & on never happened. How many times can Michael come back from the dead?! He’s indestructible! But the trailer seriously looks so good, and I have a girl crush on Jamie Lee Curtis (judge me) & I’m hoping she actually kills Michael for real. I mean, let’s be honest: Michael is like nearly 60 at this point. He’s gotta be slow. Actually, now that I think about it, he pretty much walked whenever he went after any of his victims.

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My BFFs Spill the Tea on My Life – Taylor

My birthday was last month & as I wrote a few blogs ago, I had the best birthday full of friends, family & funfetti cake!

In this vlog, my friends decided to dish some embarrassing stories & iconic moments of my life. I’ve known these ladies since we were little girls so they know the scoop. Plus, Phoebe almost gets trapped in a mermaid tail. Also, I perform a one-woman show of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This vlog has it all: comedy, drama, thriller, musical.

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I Hopped the Border – Taylor

Oh, hi! Been awhile since I’ve talked to you…I have been so busy traveling the past week, but I’M BACK!

For starters, you know my BFF Hannah that I have talked about on here quite a lot? Well, I went and visited her in Michigan, which was so fun because we hadn’t seen each other since graduation. We were finally reunited and had some much needed one-on-one time.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Hannah Palmer and Taylor Coleman, people smiling

PLUS, I recently just got my passport (I know, I’m 22 & just now getting one), so I got to put it to use & go to Canada, because she lives about 45 minutes from the border. Going through Customs is nerve-wracking, because they grill you with questions about who you are, how you know each other, why you’re there, how long you’ll be there, etc. We got through with no problem & I got to get a pretty ‘ol stamp in the passport. We even had dinner on the water with a beautiful view & we were just livin’ it up.

“But Taylor, there’s only so much you can write about. I sure hope you vlogged it,” – said no one.

YES, RANDOM CITIZEN. I did vlog it!

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Feelin’ 22 – Taylor

My birthday was yesterday, and it was such a great one!

I woke up to a decorated downstairs, presents & Taylor Swift’s “22” blaring throughout the house. I bought a “2” cake pan, because I wanted my cake to be two “2”s and it turned out beautiful…until we decided to transfer the decorated cake to new paper that didn’t have sprinkles everywhere. It broke into three pieces during the transfer. But after about an hour of reconstruction later, she didn’t turn out too bad!

Image may contain: Taylor Coleman, smiling, sitting and food

All my close friends and family came out to celebrate & it was so fun just having all my favorite people in the same place. As I get older, it’s harder for all my friends to be available at the same time to hang out, so I was so happy everyone was there (minus Hannah who is in Michigan, but she FaceTimed in so it worked!)

A birthday vlog is coming, but in the meantime, check out my model bffs. They’re all seriously so beautiful!

Image may contain: Emily Clemenson and Taylor Coleman, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: Jessica Phelps and Taylor Coleman, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: Lauren Nicole Good and Taylor Coleman, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, including Taylor Coleman, people smiling, people standing, night and shoes

Image may contain: 2 people, including Taylor Coleman, people smiling, people standing, night and outdoor

Image may contain: Taylor Coleman and Natalie Cook, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Also, I want to thank YOU for the birthday wishes and kind words. You are so sweet for taking the time to say something! 🙂

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Going to the Eye Doctor is Embarrassing – Taylor

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m basically blind. It hasn’t been confirmed, but I bet if I did some research, I could be declared legally blind. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, and I’ve worn contacts since I was 12 & I’m pretty sure it says on my license it’s illegal for me to drive without either one.

Today was my annual check up, and I gotta tell ya – going to the eye doctor is so embarrassing. I haaaaate doing eye exams, because I know I’m failing – HARD.

So, let’s pretend I’m taking this eye exam:

Image result for eye exam

Doc: “Okay, read the top row for me.”

Me: “Uhhhh, I can’t see the top row.”

*clicks her clicker 10x to make it bigger*

Doc: “Okay, try it now.”

Me: “Uhhhhh, S G FD”


And obviously she doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it or make me feel bad, but you know she’s thinking “Lawd, this girl is dead wrong.” SNL should honestly do a skit of how blind people read the complete opposite of what’s on the screen.

In the end, I learned that yup, my vision has gotten worse since my last visit, and I need new lenses. Even though it sucks how much I spent, I got suuuuper cute new glasses! (That sounded so nerdy to type). But for reals, they’re cute and I’m excited for them to come in in a few weeks.

I’ve always thought about getting Lasik eye surgery, but I like the option of wearing glasses (also, have you seen Final Destination 5…? Nuff said.)

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“The Meg”? More Like a MEG-a Let Down – Taylor

So the other day, I hit up the matinee alone, because I’m a lone wolf and love seeing movies by myself. Also, because I have a MoviePass, and let’s be honest – that thing is gonna be GONNNE in the next few weeks fo sho. I’ll make a blog in the future about that convenient, but super inconvenient business venture.

SO, I went and saw “The Meg,” because I love a good shark flick & it was one of the (two, lol) movies available for MoviePass that day. I really didn’t have high expectations, so I wasn’t super let down. Put it this way – I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

The writing is super cheesy, and low-key something I would expect from the writers of “Sharknado,” and I was kind of disappointed in the acting (but I’ll blame the writing). I will say Rainn Wilson was awesome in it, but I still kept thinking, “Dwight, what are you doing on a shark expedition? You’re the Assistant to the Regional Manager!” Image result for the meg rainn wilson

I feel like megalodons are not something those folks needed to go out and try to conquer. Like this thing is 70 feet long and weighs a gazillion pounds – there’s a reason it has survived for so many years.Image result for the meg

PLUS, that shark was just chillin’, minding his own bid-ness – YOU are in HIS home disrupting the peace. In the end, SPOILER ALERT, they defeat the beast and go on their merry way (minus a few of their friends).

My takeaway from this film is to 1. stay outta the ocean & 2. Jason Statham is invincible. Image result for the meg jason statham

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Driving Two Hours for Cheesecake – Taylor

Here’s the thing – food is my love language.

I love to eat with people. I love to eat alone. I love to eat in my car. I love to eat watching TV. I just love to eat.

I’m honestly a healthy person, as in I am not a junk food fan & my breakfasts, lunches & dinners are usually low-cal & healthy. BUT what kills me is my sweeeeet tooth. I can eat eggs for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a grilled chicken for dinner, but for dessert, I’ll have a bowl of cookie dough. (YES, raw eggs baby – none of that “edible cookie dough” crap they try to sell you. I want Nestle or Betty Crocker or anything where I’m at risk for salmonella).

I’m getting away from the point. I love The Cheesecake Factory, but the closest one is in Richmond, which is two hours away from me. But is that gonna stop me? Not at all.

So I grabbed my bestie Emily & we took a day trip for dessert. Because life is too short to not gorge on delicious cheesecake. Enjoy the vlog below:

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