Taylor Coleman was first introduced to listeners as “Intern Taylor” on the K92 Mornin’ Thang in 2015. She officially joined the K92 team as an on-air personality in 2016. Currently the night show host, Taylor entertains listeners with her thoughts on the latest celebrity hookups, stories of her love life (or lack thereof), and shamelessly promoting her social media.

When she does not have a microphone in front of her face, Taylor is working on homework and drowning in due dates. She is currently a student at Liberty University, earning a degree in journalism. She will graduate in 2018 and continue to pursue a career in broadcasting.

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Ayyyyyyyye, so if you’re up with the times, the K92 Mornin’ Thang broadcasts the show LIVE on their Facebook page throughout the week, and you get a lil glimpse into how it all goes down. BUT I thought I would give you a look into one of my weekend shows, so you can get a closer look at the fabulous K92 Broadcast Palace.

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Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

HEYYYYYYYY! Sorry, its been a minute. Life has been so jam-packed lately… I’m a full time student & graduation is a month away so it’s crunch time on my end.

Anywhoooo, last month for (my last!) Spring Break, I went to my favorite city, the Concrete Jungle & things got wild. Let’s just say I ended up on Live with Kelly and Ryan, there was a mouse in my theatre & I was stranded for an extra day due to the Nor’Easter.

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This is Us aka This is Me Too Emotionally involved


Week after week, I have to constantly remind myself that “This Is Us” is a fictional show and that Jack Pearson is a fictional character. (And side note: kind of unrealistic. I mean, does someone as perfect as Jack actually exist in real life? Someone who loves his family above all else, is continually putting their needs ahead of his own, always saying the perfect thing to encourage them, and most importantly, can rock a mustache, a goatee and a beard? I don’t think so.)

Well, anyways. Unless you have been in deep hibernation, you know that we recently learned that Jack died after he ran back inside his home to save the family dog as a fire burned down his home. Except, PLOT TWIST! He made it out in one piece! Our poor Jack, however, succumbed to his internal injuries and suffered smoke inhalation and went into cardiac arrest and died while REBECCA WAS OUT OF THE ROOM. I can’t deal.

The good news is is that on a typical TV show, once a character dies, we never see them again, but that’s not the case here. Scenes of Jack rocking the goatee aren’t going anywhere! We’re still going to have our flashbacks. I had a lot of thoughts about the episode, and so without further ado, watch and mourn with me.

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OMG, Hello!!!

I’m so honored that you’re taking your precious time out of the day to peep in on my page (I know you’d rather be watching videos of animojis singing). So we’ve started these blog thingies that will allow us another way of blabbing. But I’ve taken it a step further: A YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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