KT’S HOT MINUTE-February 5


Oh my goshhhhh! I need this! My biggest problem every single morning is hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock saying “Just 5 more minutes…that’s it” And another 30 minutes goes by and BOOM…late. This would be a great Valentine’s Day gift; the perfect present for people like me who just can’t get out of bed in the morning. With the Ruggie, you have to use your feet to turn off the alarm. So it forces you to get out of bed and stand up. BRILLIANT.

Check it out! 


Okay this is strange….and gross. But apparently its a thing! Forget the flowers, chocolates and candy for Valentines Day. Why not get your significant other a coach-roach named after them! HAHAHAHA! Im not kidding, THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING. I guess if you’re girlfriend or boyfriend is in to nature and bugs maybe this will be something he or she would like. You can name a roach for 15 dollars, or you can get fancy with it and for 74 dollars you can get a whole roach package. That will include a roach pin, roach sock, chocolate (finally something normal) and a printed certificate verifying a roach was named after your person. This probably doesn’t sound appealing to you but for the one person who it does appeal to…..click the link below and thank me later.


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