“GHOSTED” Hair Trend

I seriously can’t keep up with the constant changes in trends nowadays! There’s a new hair color everyone is wearing…and the color is called “Ghosted”. When you think of the word “Ghosted” you automatically think of someone who disappears on you because they simply aren’t interested anymore. Well this hair color gets has its name for a reason. The shimmery shades reveal themselves so quick, like in the blink of an eye. So fast you question if you even saw them or not. Check out the pictures, I might have to hop on this new trend!



I don’t know who I’ve become!! I’ve never been the type to count calories but lately I’ve been addicted to it. Shoutout to Ben and Jerry’s for invented a new low calorie ice cream. They’re calling it their new Moo-phoira. Its apparently light in fat and calories and heavy on the flavaaaa! THAT is what I like to hear. One serving is 140-160 calories! Sign me up!


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