What the heck, Becca?! – Taylor

SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up with how The Bachelorette ended, go watch & come back!

While you get caught up, here’s a pic of America’s Unsung Hero: Chris Harrison…the man who always has the tea and loves to stir the pot.

Alrighty, now that you’re caught up…Becca picked Garrett. Blake cried. I drank wine and ate cookies.

Becca has now continued the tradition of past Bachelorettes by picking the guy she gave the first impression rose to: Kaitlyn gave hers to Shawn. JoJo gave hers to Jordan. And Rachel gave hers to…Bryan? Was that his name? I think so. I can’t name one guy from her season.

And while that’s sweet and shows she saw something in him from night 1, it peeves me off, because the sweet, kind, adorable Blake was a frontrunner from night 1, as well. I mean, they just looked SO good together. Homegirl would run and jump in his arms whenever she saw him. But no, she threw him away into the beautiful Thailand waters.

If you are on the boat or in the limo headed to the proposal site and the sun is high in the sky, just know you won’t be picked. The proposals only happen at sunset. As he literally dripped gallons of sweat from his brow and down his suit, he should have seen it coming.

I hate when the Bachelorette greets the guy she isn’t going to pick, but still lets him spill out his heart about how much he loves her and wants to spend his life with her and blah blah blah. She needs to just shut it down on site, but no. Poor Blakey poured out his heart as he poured out his sweat. I digress.

SIDE NOTE: Apparently, Arie and Becca had a sit down during the filming of the finale, but ultimately the producers decided it wasn’t worth showing on air. BUT LET’S AIR AN UNCUT HOUR-LONG BREAK UP WITHOUT EDITING ONE BIT AND MAKING AMERICA SIT THROUGH THAT SNOOZEFEST. Honestly, I think they’re lying, because that’s just not something you film and don’t air at all. Something’s up.

Anyways, I really really really really really hope Blake is the next Bachelor. I’m sending in my application today.


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