That Time I Graduated College – Taylor

I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since I graduated college. This summer flewwwwwww by.

On my graduation day, the weather was awful. And of course, it was all outside. Honestly though, it really wasn’t that bad, but Lord have mercy – MY HAIR! See, I have a weird type of hair. It’s not naturally straight. It’s not naturally curly. I compare it to a wilder version of Simba from “The Lion King,” which I still have yet to see (I know, I know. I’ll talk about that in another blog.) So naturally, the rain made my hair frizz out & ruined the curls I woke up extra early to do.

Hannah & I sat in our wet seats on the football field & as the rain began to fall, the women in front of us popped their umbrellas & we couldn’t see the stage. Hannah’s not a confrontational person, but will say something in situations like that, so after they refused to take them down, she went and got a staff member. She’s a boss.

After Commencement, I had a 3 hour break until my Journalism graduation, so I went home & fixed my hair. But we underestimated the traffic to get back onto campus, so we barelyyyyy made it.

That’s Graduation Day in a nutshell, but go ahead & watch the vlog for yourself & be sure to like & subscribe to my channel! 🙂

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