“The Meg”? More Like a MEG-a Let Down – Taylor

So the other day, I hit up the matinee alone, because I’m a lone wolf and love seeing movies by myself. Also, because I have a MoviePass, and let’s be honest – that thing is gonna be GONNNE in the next few weeks fo sho. I’ll make a blog in the future about that convenient, but super inconvenient business venture.

SO, I went and saw “The Meg,” because I love a good shark flick & it was one of the (two, lol) movies available for MoviePass that day. I really didn’t have high expectations, so I wasn’t super let down. Put it this way – I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

The writing is super cheesy, and low-key something I would expect from the writers of “Sharknado,” and I was kind of disappointed in the acting (but I’ll blame the writing). I will say Rainn Wilson was awesome in it, but I still kept thinking, “Dwight, what are you doing on a shark expedition? You’re the Assistant to the Regional Manager!” Image result for the meg rainn wilson

I feel like megalodons are not something those folks needed to go out and try to conquer. Like this thing is 70 feet long and weighs a gazillion pounds – there’s a reason it has survived for so many years.Image result for the meg

PLUS, that shark was just chillin’, minding his own bid-ness – YOU are in HIS home disrupting the peace. In the end, SPOILER ALERT, they defeat the beast and go on their merry way (minus a few of their friends).

My takeaway from this film is to 1. stay outta the ocean & 2. Jason Statham is invincible. Image result for the meg jason statham

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