#DramaticWeathermanChallenge – KT

First I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Florence, especially those in the Carolinas. Here in Roanoke we haven’t experienced even half of what they are still calling for over there in Wilmington.

I’ve been watching the news alot…as I always do. Every morning before I head out to work I turn on CNN and just have it on in the background. I’ve seen news reporters and anchors hype situations up before…heck I do it to as a radio personality. Sometimes us media people can be a bit dramatic. But this!! This takes the cake. A weatherman who was reporting on the Hurricane was on national TV…the Weather Channel to be exact, was pretending to be getting blown away. Oh it was a spectacle. Imagine him struggling to stand up, shielding his face from the wind, bracing himself as he kept his body upright to keep himself from “blowing away”. Then all of the sudden in the background you see two men, in shorts, casually stroll by with no problem whatsoever. Clearly the weatherman was faking excessive hurricane winds that in reality were non-existent at the point. Talk about embarrassing.


So now this scene is being reenacted by everyone on the internet and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!!




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