There’s Now Velveeta Cheese-Scented . . . Nail Polish

Velveeta is now selling a cheese-scented NAIL POLISH and nail stickers.  They’re available for a limited time.  A nail polish pack is $15, while the nail stickers are $4.99.

It’s old-fashioned, outdated chivalry for men to KISS a woman’s hand when greeting her. These days, most people would say it’s CHEESY. And now, it could be cheesy . . . LITERALLY.

Velveeta has launched a new cheese-scented nail polish. So there’s finally a way for a woman to make it LOOK and SMELL like she just made some macaroni and cheese, and hasn’t washed her hands. (???)

It’s called “Velveeta Pinkies Out Polish”, and it includes a cheese-scented red and yellow nail polish duo for $15. They are also selling “That’s La Dolce Velveeta” nail stickers for $4.99.

To be clear, the nail polish just SMELLS like Velveeta, it wasn’t made with it, so you’ll definitely want to avoid eating it. (Also, Velveeta says these are vegan and cruelty-free . . . so they spared animals of having to wear this.)

The products are available at while supplies last. (They’re also supposed to be on Amazon . . . but we couldn’t find them there.)

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