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Thank You Rail Yard Dawgs

Sadly, the Rail Yard Dawgs season came to an end Saturday night in Birmingham, Alabama. The boys fought their guts out but lost to the Bulls (good luck in the finals) 6-4 in Game 3 of the SPHL semi-finals. I’m quite bummed out about it (I love hockey) yet I keep coming back to two very specific words in my head…


Thank you to the McGinn family, and local minority owners, for bringing hockey back to the Roanoke Valley and giving us everything you’ve promised since Day 1. From exciting, affordable hockey to being absolute pillars of the community, and everything in between, you’ve earned this fan’s trust and support forever.

Thank you Mickey, Alexandra, Brian, Parrish (good luck in Iowa), Tara and the rest of the Dawgs front office staff. There’s none better in the SPHL. Professionally, we are stoked to be one of your media partners. K92 Night with the Dawgs is always circled big on our events calendar and we love being a part of game night! (We’re taking back the attendance record next year.) Personally, thanks for not revoking my media pass whenever you saw my reaction to a questionable (read: horrible) call on the ice against the Dawgs. Even on the busiest days, you always make time to chat with us on game nights and make sure we’re having a good time.

Thank you Coach Bremner and staff for your fire and passion. It absolutely shows in your team and the results since you’ve come to town show that it’s only a matter of time before we’re watching the boys hoist the President’s Cup and hanging a championship banner in the Berglund Center.

And that leaves the boys…

Thank you to every player that donned a Rail Yard Dawgs sweater this season. We appreciate your effort each and every time you put on your gear and hit the ice. Whether it’s practice, gameday or shooting food at me behind the K92 Broadcast Palace, you guys put everything you’ve got into the task at hand and that’s all we can ask of you. As far as off ice things go, you guys are second to none. Every time we see you doing things in the community it always with a smile on your face. You’ve never turned down an autograph request or failed to put smiles on people’s faces. You’re the absolute best, boys!

The puck drops in 6 months… GO DAWGS!

Manhattan and Juneau

My dogs are the best! (Even when they’re bad) Left my lunch on the coffee table as I left for work today and I realized it about 5 minutes later. As I turned around to head back home, “There’s no way my food survived,” was my immediate thought. Sure enough, when I got to the…Continue Reading

Thank You – Taylor

Tonight, I’m hanging up my headphones for the last time… 🎧🎙 When I started at K92 as “Intern Taylor” 3 years ago, I was SO excited to wake up at 5:30 a.m. three days a week to drive an hour away. It was such an amazing time in my life & I was dreading the…Continue Reading

My Mom Got Engaged! – Taylor

Well, I gave away what this blog was going to be about in the title, but YES! My mom got engaged!! Here’s my mom…look at this beautiful woman: Whenever we meet someone new, they always assume we’re sisters. Either she looks young or I look old. We’re gonna go with the former. Anyways, here’s her…Continue Reading

“A Simple Favor” was Simply Perfect – Taylor

Waddup. I’ve realized my blog has become more like a forum for movie reviews, so I thought I’d fill you in on my latest thoughts on the highly anticipated new film, “A Simple Favor.” I’m not going to spoil anything, other than the fact that I think Blake Lively is truly the most beautiful woman…Continue Reading

#DramaticWeathermanChallenge – KT

First I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Florence, especially those in the Carolinas. Here in Roanoke we haven’t experienced even half of what they are still calling for over there in Wilmington. I’ve been watching the news alot…as I always do. Every morning before I head…Continue Reading

My BFFs Spill the Tea on My Life – Taylor

My birthday was last month & as I wrote a few blogs ago, I had the best birthday full of friends, family & funfetti cake! In this vlog, my friends decided to dish some embarrassing stories & iconic moments of my life. I’ve known these ladies since we were little girls so they know the…Continue Reading

I Hopped the Border – Taylor

Oh, hi! Been awhile since I’ve talked to you…I have been so busy traveling the past week, but I’M BACK! For starters, you know my BFF Hannah that I have talked about on here quite a lot? Well, I went and visited her in Michigan, which was so fun because we hadn’t seen each other…Continue Reading

Honor Fest – BP

I had the privilege of being a part of Honor Fest at Salem Memorial Ballpark last Saturday. It was the first year for the event designed to raise money for several local non-profits that benefit our nation’s veterans. There was a resource fair for veterans, a post game concert and, the main event, a softball…Continue Reading

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