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KT’s Hot Minute- Winnie the Pooh Banned in China!!??

This is the funniest thing I have heard all day!! As you know Christopher Robin the movie has recently been released. Wellllll the movie has been banned from being released in China. Why you may ask??? MEMES.

I swear memes have ruined the world and made it better all at the same time.

Here’s the image that started it all back in 2013…..

People have been saying that Obama and the President of China side by side look like Winnie and Tiger! And after that the memes kept rolling.

Funny right? Well the Chinese governement didnt think so. It pissed them off soooo much to the point that they went and banned all things Winnie the Pooh in the country ahhahhahahaha. Can we ban Bratz dolls??? People keep saying I look like the black one 🙁


“2018 Billboard Music Awards” Everyone was talking about the 2018 Billboard Music Awards! Though there was alot of great performances…honestly I wasn’t that impressed with the whole thing. For a full recap of winners and performances click here!  Continue Reading


“Yanny?” “Laurel?” Both? Its like that dang blue/ gold dress thing all over again!!! I’m just gonna go out and say it!! I hear Yanny. I don’t understand how people can hear Laurel but it is what it is. I’ve done some research to try and get to the bottom of why people hear different…Continue Reading


To celebrate the grand opening, DSW is giving 15 dollar off your next purchase here is the link to the coupon PLUSS…I’m giving $50 gift cards everyday this week at 12:35 DSW Opening in Roanoke I can’t help but love this store! It’s literally my favorite because of all the discounted prices! DSW has…Continue Reading


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KT’S HOT MINUTE-February 5

THE RUGGIE Oh my goshhhhh! I need this! My biggest problem every single morning is hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock saying “Just 5 more minutes…that’s it” And another 30 minutes goes by and BOOM…late. This would be a great Valentine’s Day gift; the perfect present for people like me who just can’t…Continue Reading

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