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KFC’s New Nuggets Are for Gen Zers Who Won’t Eat Chicken Off the Bone

The WHY behind this is the interesting part:  KFC is testing new chicken nuggets at a few locations around Charlotte, North Carolina.  If people like them, they’ll be available nationwide soon.

They’d replace the “Popcorn Chicken” they’ve been selling off-and-on since 1992.  So if you’re a Popcorn Chicken fan, time to panic.

But here’s the part we liked:  KFC’s head chef talked about the new nuggets, and said they’re a direct response to Millennials and Gen Zers . . . who refuse to eat chicken off the BONE.

Apparently young people just will not eat bone-in chicken . . . maybe because it reminds them it came from a living, breathing animal.  (Or they just miss those Dino Nugs they ate as kids.)

It sounds like the new nuggets are supposed to taste more like KFC’s Original Recipe fried chicken, and less like they’re chicken tenders.

They’re also moving toward more on-the-go options in general . . . the type of thing you can eat with one hand while still using your phone with the other. 

(Yahoo / CNN)

A Wordle Board Game Will Be Out in Time for Christmas

A new Wordle board game will be out in time for Christmas.  It’s called “Wordle: The Party Game.”  You can pre-order it on Amazon for $20, and it ships in October. Expect this to be the hot Christmas gift for everyone who’s still obsessed with this game . . . A new board game version…Continue Reading

An American Tourist Fell into a Volcano After Taking a Selfie

A 23-year-old tourist from the U.S. tried to take a selfie and fell into an active VOLCANO over the weekend. It was Mount Vesuvius in Italy, which destroyed Pompeii but hasn’t erupted since 1944. Luckily, he’s fine. But he and his family got charged with trespassing because they were there illegally.Continue Reading

Men Are Worse Than Women at Remembering People’s Names

If you only met a person once, how likely are you to remember their name the NEXT time you bump into them?  A new poll found most of us struggle with it. 58% of us say there’s a good chance we wouldn’t remember.  That’s how many said they struggle at least half the time.  Only 7% always…Continue Reading

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