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Coca-Cola's Latest Weird Flavor Is Supposed to Taste Like . . . Dreams

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Coca-Cola announced its fourth and final bizarre, "Creations" flavor. It's called Dreamworld . . . and it tastes like "dreams," which is apparently mango and citrus. It'll be available next Monday for a limited time.

Would you want to DRINK something that tastes like your DREAMS?

I guess it depends on what kind of dreams you have.

Coca-Cola has been unleashing bizarre, limited edition flavors under their "Creations" label . . . and the latest is one called "Dreamworld," which is supposed to taste like "the technicolor world of dreams."

Reviewers say it's tropical fruit-flavored . . . so think mango and citrus.

Coca-Cola says this is their fourth and final "Creations" release of the year. It's unclear if they plan to continue further down the road or if this is it.

The previous four Creations were: Starlight, which tasted like space . . . Byte, which tasted like pixels . . . and an unnamed one that was a collaboration with Marshmello, which had a strawberry and watermelon flavor.

Dreamworld will be available on Monday the 15th, for a limited time . . . and it comes in both regular and zero-sugar varieties.

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