Secret Sound Clues

1. Loud rock song
2. Where’s my coupons?
3. Science stuff
4. In the fire
5. In South Carolina
6. When recording audio
7. Dog grooming
8. From a different angle
9. Kinda useless keyboard function
10. Fancy steaks

“Dropping a bag of ice, picking it up and putting it into a cooler”

  1. Stuff in Fortnite (Sometimes items in video games that can be collected by players are referred to a “PICK-UPS”)

  2. Eddie Van Halen would know (In music, a “PICKUP” is what helps convert electrical pulse on a guitar into sound)

  3. Smooth moves (A PICK UP artist has smooth moves when trying to charm another individual)

  4. She’s very cute (The term “DROP dead gorgeous” refers to someone you think is very good looking)

  5. Look up (A DROP ceiling is a secondary ceiling that you can possibly see right now if you look up)

  6. Mean people do this (Mean people will insult others by PUTTING them down)

  7. Big Willy Style (Will Smith played a PICK UP artist in the movie “Hitch”

  8. Richard was on it (One of the original patents filed for an ice cooler was by a man named Richard Laramy)

  9. Before he was Iron Man (Before playing Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr. starred in a movie called “The PICK UP Artist”)

  10. Digging for gold (This is a term used to describe PICKING your nose)

  11. In Kentucky (ICE is an unincorporated community in Letcher County, Kentucky)

  12. In World of Warcraft (PICKING UP the Pieces is a character achievement of the game World of Warcraft)

  13. All parts are out there

  14. Drummers do this (“DROPPING bombs” is a drumming technique)

  15. Play your guitar (PICKING is a technique of playing a guitar with your fingers)

  16. Community service (If you get in trouble with the law and have community service and sometimes have to work PICKING UP trash)

  17. Average White Band song (A popular 70’s song from Average White Band was called “PICK UP the Pieces”

  18. Forget school (When you’re forgetting school and dropping out)

  19. The point of car line (Car line is for PICKING UP and/or DROPPING off your kids at school)

  20. When you’re getting dressed (As you’re getting dressed, you are PUTTING on clothes)

  21. Tolerating someone (When you are tolerating someone, you are PUTTING up with them)

  22. Saying smart stuff (The phrase “DROPPING knowledge” means to education someone with facts/smart stuff.)

  23. Damien Lillard commercial (Damien Lillard was featured in a State Farm commercial about “DROPPING dimes”

  24. Like flies (This refers to the phrase “DROPPING like flies”)

  25. Stupid TikTok hack for a cold (PUTTING garlic up your nose is a stupid TikTok hack that was suggested to help fight nasal congestion from a cold.  Don’t do it!)

  26. Skateboarding trick (“DROPPING in” is a term for a skateboarding trick)

  27. An unexpected or casual visit (This is the definition of “DROPPING in”)

  28. Like it’s hot (Relating to the phrase “DROP it like it’s hot”)

  29. Getting to know you (An ICE breaker is a way to get to know someone better)

  30. In Case of Emergency (The abbreviation ICE is used by many for the emergency contact in their phone)

  31. Robert Van Winkle (Robert Van Winkle is the real name of rapper Vanilla ICE)

  32. The musical truck (The ICE cream truck plays music as it drives around)

  33. YETI makes one (The YETI company makes coolers)

  34. Grab a Seagram’s (Seagram’s makes wine COOLERS)

APP BONUS CLUE #1: Not on the schedule (A “PICK UP” game as an impromptu contest that wasn’t officially scheduled)

APP BONUS CLUE #2: Ross from Friends was in it (Actor David Schwimmer was in the 2000 movie “PICKING UP the Pieces”

APP BONUS CLUE #3: Nice assist (In basketball, a nice pass to another player who then scores is sometimes called “DROPPING dimes”)

APP BONUS CLUE #4: Bird poop (also referred to as “bird DROPPINGS”)

APP BONUS CLUE #5: Anger loses (Relating to the phrase “COOLER heads prevail”)

APP BONUS CLUE #6: Bernie Lootz was one Bernie Lootz was the lead character of the 2003 movie “The COOLER”)

APP BONUS CLUE #7: Him and Coco (Rapper ICE-T is married to Coco Austin)

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