Strong Dad Shout Out

Every week on the Thang we honor Moms with a “Strong Mom Shout Out,” but the great Dads out there deserve their props too!  So for Father’s Day, we want to recognize all the strong Dads and one lucky Dad will win a Classic Joe II Kamado Grill from Southern Smoke Co BBQ and Catering!

Ten finalists will be announced on Friday, June 14th and those Strong Dad Shout Outs will be featured on our K92 billboards throughout Father’s Day weekend.  Each finalist will also win a gift pack that includes a trio of delicious BBQ sauces from Barbed Wire Sauces of VA.  Then … the grand prize winner will be announced on Monday June 17th at 7:15 for the grill.  Good luck!



“My dad is amazing. He’s constantly sacrificing his time and money to make my family happy. He works a job that he doesn’t always enjoy, but he does it so my sister and I can have the best education and life. He cares so deeply about our well being and is always putting us first.” -Emily for her, dad Kevin Simon (Lynchburg)

“From the second Noah and I figured out we were going to have a child he was so loving and caring towards me and our child. My whole pregnancy he was so supportive. Once it was time for our little bundle of joy to arrive he was by my side for my whole labor and during surgery. Once our son was born he did not want to leave his side. When the nursery needed him for certain check ups he cried because he had to be away from him for even 5 minutes at a time. Without his love and support through pregnancy, labor and raising our son I do not know what I would do.” -Abigail for her dad, Noah Lloyd (Roanoke)

“I want to give a shout out to my husband, Keith Grantham. He is a gift from God and my soul mate. He shows our kid’s (Kaden and Laci) how to live life, love, respect others, and happiness. Working for the sheriff office and community he has hard days but is a wonderful worker who cares for the people. He deserves so much and I pray all his dreams come true. Keith/Dad we love you. Mom, Kaden and Laci” -Tonya, for her husband, Keith Grantham (Callaway)

“I have to nominate my husband for the strong dad award for the fact that no matter if you work 16 hours a day or just 3 hours he always comes home he plays with the kids he make sure that they have their baths that they have dinner no matter what even if it means spending our last $5 on getting our kids something to eat he make sure that they have it my oldest is not his but he still makes her feel like she is his that is one of the great things about my husband with him and my oldest they have a bond over basketball it doesn’t matter if they’re playing basketball or playing on a video game console they always have fun together then on top of it we have a four-year-old together she’s his world both of the kids are but with the four-year-old where she can’t play video games or really do basketball he’ll take her to the park and play at the park for hours on end with her he’s just one of those dads that really need to be recognized and to know that he is one of the best dads out there I wish I had it when I was a kid. Now he does work a lot but whenever he has a day off he’s right there with them kids.” -Denna for her husband, Andrew Wood (Christiansburg)

“This is my son’s dad! He’s rough around the edges but soft and sweet on the inside. Nothing in this world could repay this man for the sacrifices he has made for not only our son but for me as well. I try everyday to make him feel important, loved, and overall special. I feel it hasn’t sunk in yet how much he truly means to me! Love you Justy!!” Amber for Justin Lannartson (Salem)

“Hi!, My name is Jessica Atkinson and let me tell you why my dad is the strongest man I’ve ever known. My father was born September 26th 1950 in St. George’s Bermuda. He was a military brat and ended up growing up in so many different cities in the US and even in different countries. In 1969 he was drafted into the Vietnam war where he fought for our country and our freedom. Even though he watched countless of his comrades die in the war , my father was awarded the bronze star and finally got to come home in one piece. In 1979 he married my beautiful mother and together they raised 6 children. My father worked as a mail carrier for 42 years and recently retired… but that doesn’t make him the strongest man I know. My parents were amazing and they did an amazing job raising us 6 kids but they had so much love to share that they ended up becoming foster parents to over 100 special needs children in the Roanoke valley and ended up adopting my 2 brothers Chris and Charlie. Charlie was the most difficult since nobody wanted to adopt him.. See Charlie had fetal alcohol syndrome and mental retardation. My parents to me were heroes because they did everything they could do to give my new siblings a good loving home without caring about the difficulties that would come. In 2003 my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It completely rocked our family to the very core.. but my amazing father took care of my sick mom, his 6 children and now 2 more children with severe special needs. My father did all of this without complaints, without showing any of his children how stressed and scared he was. It’s now 2019 and my amazing father has put us all through college, taken care of my very sick mother and is still raising a special needs child and he’s done all of this without missing a beat and without any help other from all of us kids and he is still the most generous, loving, caring, and God fearing man. My father is my hero. And even though he’s been retired from the United states postal service for 43 years … he still loves to cook out on his old grill that barely works and be here for all of us. If anyone deserves to win a new grill… my father does for the love and generosity he teaches us every day. Thank God for the best father anyone could ever want or need. Thank you K92 please keep this amazing man and father in your thoughts. Sincerely, Jessica Atkinson” – Jessica for her dad, Curtis Atkinson II (Roanoke)

“My husband Will is working on his 4th year in remission. Even though cancer effects his life every single day, you could never tell when you see him with our son Evan. Will went through traumatic surgery followed by radiation so his life has changed drastically. Doctors even told us that there was a good chance that he wouldn’t be able to have children. Fatherhood has helped Will return to many norms. At one point Will had a strictly liquid diet. Now he would gladly eat many foods cooked off of this grill. 😉 ” -Sara for her husband, William Smith (Lynchburg)

“My dad Darren Woodson…if you had the dad I had, you would understand why I love him so much. My dad over time became a strong dad, it is not something you are born with. When he was younger, he was given up for adoption and lead a somewhat difficult childhood. He was young when he married my mom and had me and my sister He was determined he was going to be the best dad he never had. When we were younger we didn’t have much, but we never knew it because Dad would do his hardest to make sure we had everything we needed. There were times when he would have to walk to the store, despite the weather, to make sure we had things we needed. Dad sacrificed a lot of his wants and needs to give us ours. My dad is always someone who would always make the weekends about us, swimming in the river, fishing (his favorite), visiting the fish hatchery dreaming of the ones the ones he may catch, and car rides. Dad is the one all the kids love hes hip, to this day he listens to k92 and loves all the latest songs, even at 57 (who else makes mix tapes for his grown daughters?!)He is a kindhearted man who meets the trash men outside and provides them with cold drinks, watches his two grandkids when he is off and spoils them. Growing up I thought my dad was a little strict but now that I am older I understand why he did have his kids grow up to be strong, responsible and caring like he is. I could never thank my dad enough but it would be amazing for him to win this prize and to just let the listeners know how much of a Strong dad he is!!!!” -Kala Tucker for her dad,\ Darren Woodson (Covington)

“I have the best Dad, not only has he always been there for Mom, me and my sister. He has been the Pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church for 35 years. This means he wears many different hats, from being a counselor, referee, friend, parent, grandparent and great grandparent. You see he has 4 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and around 100 members in his church to worry after everyday and still somehow continues to be an an awesome role model for us all. God has truly blessed me with the best Dad out there, so shout out to him!” -Kim for her dad, Benny Frye (Saltville)

“Andy is the best husband and father to our two children. He works hard as a deputy for the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office and as a soldier in the Army Reserves, take college courses, shows up for every sporting or school event for our kids, helps around the house (if I’m being honest, he does most of the cleaning and laundry), keeps our marriage ridiculous and fun after ten years, and makes everyone around him laugh until they cry. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and father to our kids.” -Danielle for her husband, Andrew Akers. (Christiansburg)

“My dad is so strong to me. He has had several heart attacks, diabetes and stage 4 kidney failure, and a knee that is bone on bone,but he still does all the yard work and weed eating for himself and my sister who just lost her husband unexpectedly at 51 years old. He shouldn’t be doing any activities like this especially the weed eating but he does with no complaints. He is willing to lend a hand to help anyone even though he is hurting. He doesn’t tell us half of the way he feels. From the time a could remember my dad has always worked hard for our family. I love him with all my heart.” – Angela for her dad, Warren Maddox (Naola)

“My dad is the strongest dad because he is a hard worker that spends all day with high school kids and then still take me fishing when he gets home. He likes to beat me in UNO and watch scary movies with me even though Mom says no. He makes me laugh every day and always has a answer to any question I have. Travis Rogers is the best Dad any kid could ask for!” -Willow for her dad, Travis (Buena Vista)

“I would like to give a big shout out to my husband, Anthony. He is my rock and has been the best father to our 2 year old twin girls. We have been through so much in the last three years and he has been our support system through it all. I had my girls in August of 2016 and then my husband was in a horrible ATV accident a month later and was in ICU on the ventilator at Roanoke memorial for about a week. Later in December I had to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed due to children and in June of 2017 one of our girls had to have major cranial surgery at UVA. He had been so strong through it all and I probably would not be sane if he had been there. He works his butt off for Fedex in Roanoke and supports our little family while I’m trying to finish my masters degree. He is so deserving of anything he could want. Thank you to my husband for being so amazing. I love you! Thank you for reading.” -Jamie for her husband, Anthony Williams (Bedford)

“My dad is strong because he has and continues to work hard for our family. I am now 46 years old and my dad is 67. Growing up he worked 2 jobs so that my mom could stay at home and take care of us 3 kids. He would work graveyard shift and when he would get off work he would come home around 7:30am eat breakfast with us sometimes he would take us to school and then he would go work on the farm till about 2pm or sometimes later than that, then come home eat lunch and try to sleep from then until about 9:30. Not much sleep but he provided for all of us. Now he is retired but battles Rhuematoid Arthritis on a daily basis. He has knots on his fingers and has had knee replacement. He continues to work around the house and help others in need when he can. My dad is a wonderful man and I am very proud to call him my Strong Dad.” -Linda for her dad, George Cumby (Moneta)

“My strong dad is my husband Justin, he and I have a five year old son Bentley and my son Conner who is 16. Justin and I own a moving company and he is always working to give us the best life we can have, he never gives up and does so many wonderful things for myself or boys and others. He loves his stepson just like he was his own and takes him working with him. He has showed him how important it is to get up everyday and but your boots on to provide for our family. On days off he takes the boys fishing and many other things with them. Justin takes so good care of us and I want him to know how much we love and thank him for all he does.” -Stephanie for her dad, Justin Price (Blacksburg)

“My dad would give you the shirt off his back. was always taking us with him when he was farming and teaching us how to be safe around equipment and how to drive everything. may not have much money but we were always loved, fed and clothed and had a roof over our head. even now that I am grown all I have to do is ask and he will do his best to give it to me. also helps mom babysit my 7 month old. hoping he is going to be around for awhile to teach my son like he did me.” -Trevor for his dad, Pete Davis (Rural Retreat)

“My dad is the best dad there can be! He is always there for me, ready to jump at any opportunity to help me. We talk every day and tell each other about our days, he’s like my best friend. He would give his left leg to give me anything I needed in this life, I think he deserves something in return. I want to show him how honored I am to call him my father and how glad I am that he is! Love you dad!” -Holly for her dad, Samuel Thompson (Franklin County)

“He always makes sure his family is taking care of in every way shape and form,even if that means him doing without!he works 12 hours a day and feels guilty for buying himself a pair of work boots or a pair of new jeans.he loves his children unconditionally!he is the strongest most wonderful dad in the world that spends every second he can teaching and playing with his children!”-Carrie for her dad, Shawn Bennett (Draper)

“He is the best stepdad in the whole world. He works hard to take care of my mom and me. He has taught me Pokémon and magic the gathering. He treats me as if I was his own. He the best! I am thankful for him.” -Luke for his dad, Tony Nock (Roanoke)

“My dad works a job he hates constantly just to keep food on the table for our family. He only misses a day if he’s so sick he can’t move. He loves to grill some great food.”-Demetrios for his dad Josh Carroll (Christiansburg)

“My strong dad is technically my husband Jamie. We were trying to downsize so June 1st we move to a 3rd floor apartment. We both work together in Christiansburg and on June 6th I fell down some stairs and broke my ankle. He was there with me the whole time and got me safely up the steps after we got home from the hospital. He now has everything to do the work, shopping, cooking, laundry helping me around. He is the best father and husband anyone could ask for. He is handling this situation very well and I feel he definitely needs to be rewarded for being so strong mentally, physically, and emotionally.”- Marie for her, husband Jamie Phillips (Roanoke)

“My dad has survived a quadruple bypass heart surgery a few years ago while at the same time still teaching 3 young adult kids the way of life and respect,responsibility, love, and helping others especially the less fortunate. He is now 66 and is active and loved life.” -Jeff for his dad, Curtis Rakes (Rocky Mount)

“Army 20years. Multiple deployments. Always took his leave to spend time with his family. Mentored me. Always is someone who I ask for their advice.” -Joseph for his dad, Aaron Collins (Roanoke)

“Joey is the father to our 1 year old boy. He is the best dad any little boy could ask for. He works 50+ hours a week and still manages to come home, help out around the house, play with Axell, and be there to tuck him in. We love you Joey. Thanks for being the best dad out there!!” -Maddie for Joey Benes (Troutville)

“My husband is the best strong dad for my 2 girls. He cooks, cleans, does laundry, coaches their softball teams and teaches them to be strong women.” -Michelle for her husband, Jeff Chamlis

“My dad has worked hard all his life as a construction worker, out in the hot sun , cold, snow, whatever it takes to make ends meet and make sure we were taken care of when we were kids, and still now. He drives 3 hours to Roanoke to help me with house woes and outside yard work that is 2 big for myself and my husband. He loves and supports my child (his granddaughter ) and is always around for graduation and recitals. He is strong and kind and works his buns off. He also can grill up a storm if he had the right equipment.” -Heather for her dad, Jerry Brooks (Spotsylvania)

“In July of 2018 my mother became very sick with brain cancer it started with the left side of her body going limp and progressed very fast. chemo and radiation would of helped her very little and by September 10 2018 she gave up her fight. My Dad who was there by her side and mine the whole time even though they have been divorced for many years he never let a sour word come out his face and came to check on us daily at her home, he held her hand, helped me roll her to be changed , (helped us lift her she was a large lady) and anything else I could of asked him to do he was there no questions asked. Even after her passing he helped for 3 days cleaning out her apartment and finding places to put all the furniture and stuff as she was a collector. You see divorce is an ugly word and makes for bad feelings sometimes, but my Daddy set those ill feelings to the side and gave her the best 3 months she could of had he made her feel comfortable and also in daily conversations they would have she made him promise he would always keep check on me and take care of me and he promised with tears in his eyes and her hand in his that he would. My Daddy is the best in the world and Im so very proud to call him mine. You see it takes a real strong man to put a brave face on and fight the dreaded c word but it really takes a stronger man to fight it for your children with your wife. gives coparenting a whole new level of respect. I LOVE YOU DADDY !!” -Susan for her dad, Larry Burton (Pulaski)

“Hi! We want to give our dad Kevin a strong dad shout out because we think he’s not only the best dad ever but also a great person. Here are just a few of the reasons we think this: 1) He’s very understanding. If ever you don’t want to do something he get’s it. 2) He’s always putting other’s first. Even though he’s an awesome cook and loves smoking things we know he’d never buy himself a new grill. 3) He’s thinking of others. He cooks his famous scones (Kevin’s famous scones…google it) and is always giving them to friends, family, co-workers. We’re sure he’d make you some too : ) He also loves woodworking and is always giving wooden tops, bowls or vases away to make someone else’s day 4) He gets us excited about learning with his smarts 5) He is hardworking. He juggles work with helping mom with everything else too: taking care of us, cooking, cleaning, fixing stuff and helping to take care of all the animals. We learned that when you do something it doesn’t always mean you love it, it might mean you love the people you’re doing it for. We thought he loved building fences but it turns out he really hates that job but did it for us and our animals. From his loving children, Sage (12yrs old) and Sumner (10 yrs old)” -Sage and Summer for their dad, Kevin Lahmers (Blacksburg)

“My husband Jason, father of three, has had a rough couple of months. Last year during one week of September, our 16 year old daughter totaled her car on Sunday, on Tuesday my brother had a massive widow-maker heart attack (and is thankfully still here), and on Wednesday while we were on the way to the hospital to see him, Jason got the call that he was being laid off from a job he excelled at. In dealing with all that, Jason never lost his positive attitude or ability to look at the silver lining. He managed to find another job, but the bad days have outweighed the good lately, and it’s hard to see him struggle to stay upbeat. He deserves to win the Strong Dad shoutout because he never fails to be a good dad, husband, son and friend no matter what he is going through” -Karole for her husband, Jason Treadway (Pulaski)

“Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am to have such a great father for our child! You have such a big heart and so much love to give! I see you in our sons eyes everyday and I can’t wait to see the great man he becomes! You are a great teacher, lover, caregiver and most importantly Father! I hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day! We love you!” -Mary for Daniel Lilly (Salem)

“My dad is one of the strongest people I know, and his strength was really tested this year. This past October my dad suffered a major heart attack, he was even without a pulse for several minutes. Luckily the EMT’s were able to revive him only to lose him again on the way to the hospital. Once there he was placed on a ventilator. With him being an other wise healthy 50 year old we were all shocked when he unexpectedly collapsed. Luckily however after being airlifted to Roanoke Memorial they were able to save his life by placing two stints. He was taken off the ventilator that same day and later that week was able to come home. He didn’t even miss much work. He refused to stay home more than two weeks. The way he endured and recovered has been an inspiration and reality check for our entire family.” -Breanna for her dad, Willy Sanders (Pearisburg)

“The strong dad I’m nominating is my older brother. He recently found the courage after 8 years on heroin to finally get clean. He doesn’t have a phone number or an email because he doesn’t have a phone or anything. Hes in the process of finding a new job so he will be able to see his 3 sons and his 1 daughter. Hes currently staying with me his mom and his youngest brother. I personally think him winning this award would give him even more strength to not go back to drugs. Hes an amazing person and will be an even more father. Hes currently 2 months clean and has a very long road ahead of him. Thanks you.” – Jamey for her brother, Josh Umberger (Vinton)

“My dad has been sober for 17 years ever since he became sober he not only has been a fantastic dad to me and my younger sister but when my husband and I got together he had two boys from his previous marriage he saw them just as much his grand kids as our own daughter I love him so much” -Heather for her dad, Jake Keating (Salem)

“My dad is one of the strongest men I know! He helps out anyone and everyone he can, and wants nothing in return. He worked hard to provide for his family with a full time job plus doing side work. He taught me so much growing up and still teaches me things! He taught me to work hard and provide for my family. He deserves this more than anything cause he always like to grill for his family at get togethers. And this would be a perfect gift for a perfect dad! Love my dad! Can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me and others.” -Jordan for her dad Melvin Orr (Rocky Mount)

“My dad is strong willed and dependable. Hes been a hard working manual labor all of his life and a great provider for his family” -Kabra for her dad, John Taylor (Moneta)

“Jason is an awesome dad who puts in countless hours for his own kids as well as students at William Byrd High School. He is the Athletic Director at WBHS and is devoted to helping young people and he serves as a great role model.” -Margo for Jason Taylor (Roanoke)

“I want to shout out my dad because he has spent every day for the last 45 years taking care of my mom and me, and then when I left my husband he didn’t even hesitate to tell me to bring my children and come back home. My dad almost never misses a day of work, and he rarely does anything specifically for himself. He is the most selfless person I know. He continues to work 40-80 hours a week, in spite of declining health even though we have tried to get him to slow down.” -Holly for her dad, Mike Wright (Roanoke)

“Hes actually my Step dad but hes an amazing man. Hes been in my mine and my sisters life for about 9 years. Hes a disabled veteran and was injured while on deployment in Iraq in 2009. He stepped up and became a father to myself and my sister. Our father doesn’t call or see us much and James is always there to comfort us when we get upset or sad that our dad doesn’t come around or call. I have learned so much from James and even though he is disabled it does not stop him from teaching myself and my sister life skills. Hes taught me everything from working on cars to fixing things around the house. He does not call anyone when something needs to be fixed. He always says if you can save a penny save it and do it yourself. A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and he was by her side for about 7 surgeries and spent countless hours in the hospital with her. When she was going thru Chemo her bones and body hurt so much she could barely walk. I remember him carrying her to the bath tub 4-5 times a night to let her soak. Hes a very selfless man and would give his last 5$ to someone if they needed it. He always teaches us to give and not to expect anything in return or leave it better than you found it! Please consider Sergeant James Youncofski for this grill. He loves grilling. We live in Lexington Va. Thank you for listening. Tyler Plank” -Tyler for his dad, James Youncofski (Lexington)

“My dad is strong because he’s my stepfather. Because he stayed in my life, he never had children of his own, but raised me as his. I’m 31 years old, but still to this day he tells everybody how proud of his kid he is. My dad has always been there for me, either when I’m hurting, when I’m happy and celebrating, or just in general. He’s never let me down, and I can say that with 100% certainty. He worked hard for all of his life to make sure that I had a good upbringing and Future. My dad is strong alone in the love that he has shown me. I couldn’t ask for a better dad.” -Chelsea for her dad, Alan Thomas (Roanoke)

“My husband is an amazing father to our 2 beautiful children. He fell in love with my daughter and treated her as his own while we dated. He adopted her when she was 5 and it was such a sweet father/daughter bond. He works so hard to supply for his family and has the kindest hard. Love you baby!” -Amy for her husband Scott Fowler (Hardy)

“I want to give a shout out to my amazing husband. Sam and I have been together since we were 15 years old. I have witnessed our struggles both jointly and individually. Sam is one of the strongest men I have ever met both mentally and physically. Growing up he was part of a torn home. His father was not present most of his life and was unwilling to let go of his demons from the past. However, Sam’s father was his best friend and one of the loves of his life. In 2011 Sam lost his job, we lost our home and he lost his best friend (his father) from suicide. With all that being said, I want him to know how proud I am of him. How proud I am at the amazing dad and person he has become. He has overcome the odds and made the best life he can for his family and son. Sam lives and breathes for his family. He makes no excuses, never gives up and has the kindest gentlest soul of anyone I have ever encountered. I have loved every second of my life with him and there is no other person I would have chosen to grow up and grow old with. Sam, Shawn and I love you with all of our hearts.” -Amanda for her husband, Samuel Moore (Gladstone)

“Our dad is always trying to make us feel happy and good. He makes us laugh and teaches us life long lessons. He plays games with us even when he doesn’t want to. He is the best dad ever.” -Ellie for her dad, Nick Patel (Roanoke)

“Our dad is always trying to make us feel happy and good. He makes us laugh and teaches us life long lessons. He plays games with us even when he doesn’t want to. He is the best dad ever.” -Ian for his dad, Bland Sigmon (Roanoke)

“James comes from a troubled past, when I met him he had just gotten out of prison and had no idea how to be a father much less how to be a father to someone else kids, but he did. He took my girls as his own, without hesitation became their father and supporter. We now have 2 more, all our kids are under the age of 5, and on most days when it gets to the point of screaming he is a rock and an amazing father. He will get on the floor with the baby to teach him how to crawl to reading every night with the kids even after being in the blazing sun working 10 hours. He deserves recognition for all he does, he works hard and has grown from the man he used to be to the family man he is now. Thank you!” -Nicole for James Bertka (Blacksburg)

“Scott sacrifices everything so his daughter never wants for anything. Instead of building his off-road vehicle, he built a fence so she can play outside safely. Instead of that new tattoo he’s been dying yo get, she got a summer pool membership. Thank you baby!! We love you so much! You’re our super dad!!” -Lisa for Scott Siler (Salem)

“My dad is literally my best friend, he’s always been there for me through thick and thin and he’s always believed in me.” Jamie for her dad, Tom Crotty (Reston)

“He is the father to our two beautiful boys! He works construction/physical labor all day either in hot or the cold and even though exhausted comes home and play ball, wrestles, play outside, play games whatever the boys want each day! He is their biggest fan and always so encouraging, as a family we love to grill out and spend time together outside, he would love this grill and is such a hard working man who takes care of all of us!” -Kala for her husband, Mario Saunders” (Fincastle)

“My dad is the strongest man I know. He’s worked so hard to provide for me and my two younger siblings and I couldn’t be more grateful for him. I’m thankful to have him in my life because I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. He has taught me so many valuable life lessons.” -Jasmine for her dad, Joey Ward (Christiansburg)

“I was at home in Virginia visiting from Colorado when I heard about your Dad’s shoutout. My father has always encouraged me to go after whatever I wanted at 110%, thus I moved to Colorado to work for a TV station after graduating college. Without his support, that would have been a dream only. He has always been there for me in whatever I chose to do, and for that, he will always be the best dad ever!” -Coy for Russell Senneff (Union Hall)

“My dad is my number one support. He has been going through a rough patch lately but all the family has been by his side he has type 2 diabetes and struggles every day with keeping his sugar right. Because of his bad anxiety he can’t get out around people much so we like to cheer him up at the house or try AMD get him out as much as possible. My dad loves the outdoors and loves grilling, that seems to be the only way for him to be relaxed is to be outdoors . Another awesome thing about my dad is when me AMD my boyfriend moved out he was the only one who stood behind us and believed that we could concur the world. I love my dad and I want him to get something he loves too and enjoys because he deserves it!!” -Hannah for her dad, Donald Swift (Amherst)

“This man, he is my best friend. I was a stay at home mama for 7.5 years. I did everything for our kids while I wasn’t working. I recently went to work for 911 in my area and he has stepped up above and beyond the call. He works out of town most weeks but when the weekend hits, I don’t have to do anything. He handles IT ALL!! Please pick him, he deserves way more than I can give him” – Jen for her husband, Zach Cogar (Rocky Mount)

“Hi Morning Thang Crew!! I’d like to nominate my husband, Matt, for the Strong Dad competition! He is strong in so many different ways. He’s a wonderful father to our two boys. Our oldest came as a package deal when we started dating, but they are inseparable and so close, that “step” isn’t a word in our family dynamic. He’s such a hard worker, constantly taking overtime where he can get it, and would do anything for his family. He always makes time for family dinners every night and helps tuck our boys into bed at night. In fact, he was wanting a grill for Father’s Day, but we have a trip to Disney World coming up this summer and he’s asked multiple times to put any money planned for Father’s Day into the kid’s vacation fund. He really deserves some acknowledgement this Father’s Day and every day. Thanks for all you guys do for the community – you all are really a blessing!!” -Erin for her husband, William “Matt” Coblentz (Rocky Mount)

“My dad makes sure we have what we need. My mom has MS and sometimes isn’t well enough to do some things. At those times, Dad comes home from work, makes dinner, and does anything else that’s needed, all without complaining. We don’t always have the luxuries but, we always have enough. Dad would never spend money on a grill like that for fear of not having enough to take care of us. I’d love for him to have something nice, just because he deserves it” -Brayden for her dad, Bryant Taylor (Salem)

“My dad actually works for Kamado Joe, which i totally understand if that’s against the rules hahah. But, he travels 3 days a week and gives up everything just to be sure his kids get what they need. I’m going to California in a couple weeks for school and he has given everything to be sure I get to go. to everyone he is a strong person but to me he is the strongest person i know and even better that I get to call him dad.” -Jocelyn for her dad Patrick Hunter (Salem)””

“My husband is the definition of a strong dad. When my husband was in the army he was injured overseas. When they brought him home he had loss the use of his dominate hand and arm. At the time I was pregnant so not only did he learn how to try to do regular life task again (such as dressing himself and tying his shoes) he was admit to also learn how to change a diaper handicapped and how to hold our daughter when she was born. My daughter was born and right after he had to head up to get a procedure done to help with nerve pain (where they stick a needle into his neck). When he came down he acted like nothing happened, he was happy, helpful, loving, and caring. My daughter still to this day doesn’t notice any difference in her father compared to others. He fights everyday and hides his injures well, he does his best to provide us with a great life!” -Kaytlyn for her husband, Jeremy Dolan (Dublin)

“My dad is my hero. He has always been there for me. He has taught me how to do things for myself from changing the oil in my vehicle to making the perfect scrambled eggs. I can always count on him for anything. Even though I have been married for 8 years now I can always call him no matter the time of night or day he is there. He is the best papa to all his grand-kids. I’m beyond grateful and thankful to have such a wonderful dad.” -Jessica for her dad, Jerry Mountcastle (Ferrum)

“My dad always coached us in sports growing up has always worked hard and stayed on top of the yard work. He loves to grill out and not just in the summer but he will be out there on the grill year round and in the snow! He’s always used cheap grills from wally world. He’s a great dad and his birthday is a few weeks after father’s day! Happy father’s day and Happy 66th birthday DAD!” -Christopher for his dad, Lewis Smith (Salem)

“My daddy is the best. He always buys me whatever I want. He likes to take me to movies and out to eat. We do a lot of things together. He helps me with my softball and teaches me how to hunt and fish. I love my daddy” -Maddy for her dad, Matt McPherson  (Ferrum)

“He is 75 years old and still spends 4 hours a day working in the yard. He tends to the gardening and flowers. Mows the lawn. does the weeding and trimming He does all outside work, cleaning gutters, fixing the roof, power washing and staining the deck. He has been by his wife’s side during many surgeries, being her rock. He has always been there for his 4 children, raising them to be very successful adults. He is just a great guy.” -Kathy for William Dunn (Roanoke)

“My dad is truly a hard worker. I’m sure you’re tired of reading that line at this point but honestly my dad goes above and beyond. Not only does he work full time doing manual labor for the railroad (think hot summer days, blustery snowy days) but he also works hard at home tending a large yard and garden, caring for my mom and younger siblings and most of all his mother who has dementia. His kind heart and undying sense of right and wrong has caused him to be a shining example for others. At home, he is a caring and loving husband and father who puts others needs ahead of his own, and provides for his family in every way. He is a man of honor, and of his word. He is loved by his family, his friends, and those he serves. He sets the bar high, and he is an example for all. He represents success, in every sense of the word. Please join me in honoring him for all he does.” -Autumn for her dad, Keith Wingfield (Roanoke)

“The strongest dad I know is my husband. We have 3 beautiful children, he adopted my daughter and we have two together. For a man in this generation, under 30, he has accomplished so much! He works a full time job as a forester for the biggest timber company in the world and puts at least 60 hours a week then puts countless hours of work into our farm at home. He wasn’t handed anything in life and that’s why he consistently puts in the hard work and intensive labor to provide for our family. It has allowed me to be a stay at home mom/homemaker, I can’t begin to tell you how proud of him I am. No matter how busy he is he ALWAYS makes time for us. He is an avid trout fisher and as our son calls him “The trout king”! Joe deserves so much more than what I can give him but this would be an awesome surprise.. our anniversary is June 13th and winning this for him would be amazing!” -Nicol for her husband, Joseph Brown (Lewisburg)

“My dad is the strongest, hardest working man that will do anything for anyone. Growing up my dad worked multiple jobs to provide for my family, while still making time to play with me, come to all of my athletic games, work with me on the basketball court and softball field on a daily basis, and mold/guide me to become a hard working leader in my community. Now at the age of 66, my dad not only still works multiple jobs taking care and shaping the future of juvenile delinquents and special needs individuals, he also is raising two of his grandchildren. My dad has now had custody of his grandkids for 4 years, he has instilled the same morals, leadership, kindhearted, and persevering ethics into my niece and nephew, as he did in me. Without my father, I would not be who I am today, my family would not be as strong as we are, and this world would be a little less brighter.” -Monica for her dad, George Crockett (Roanoke)

“My dad has always supported our entire family, both when he could work and when he hasn’t. He goes to the end of Earth to make sure we have what we need and deserve. He deserves so much that I can’t give him yet. Going through surgeries is always tough on him and our family. Him being noticed by others for what he does would be amazing!” -Lindsey for her dad, Scott Vasser (Gretna)

“I think the strong dad award should go to Eric Carter. He isn’t a dad but please allow me to explain. When his brother my sons dad didn’t have the time, want, or need for my son Eric stepped up to the plate. Eric does everything for my son that a dad should do. Eric as well as his wife (who have no children) go out of their way for my child. They take him to baseball pratice, games, movies, vacation, wwe matches and much much more without being asked. I can always count on eric to have my back where my child is concerned. Eric sees to it that my son has everything he needs as well as wants. He does thing he doesn’t have to do. But chooses to do. A step dad is expected to step up but a uncle is exceptional. I always try to show him my appreciation but I don’t think it’s good enough. Nobody ever asked this man to do what he does he just took the initiative to do it. Eric shows my what a father son relationship should be. Please allow him to win so he will know he’s appreciated.” -Candace for Eric Carter (Martinsville)

“Well he is a UPS driver but what makes him strongest is the fact that that he is my dad. I’m adopted and he was a new dad to a 12 year old. But now that I’m 18 I see that he has grown to be the best dad ever.” -Taegon for Josh Morgan (Floyd)

“The word strong doesn’t even begin to capture my dad. This man works 7 days a week, drives an hour each way to work, beat cancer twice (now undergoing radiation therapy for the 3rd time), ensures his 4 grandsons always have the best of the best, and that my mother, brother and I are always taken care of financially, emotionally, and physically in times of need or emergency. His daily routine consists of waking at 4am, driving an hour to work, working all day, going to radiation therapy, then working on his farm until bedtime. His work ethic is unbelievable and something rare in the world we live in today! He loves spending a day off with his grandchildren (ages 3-7) and teaching them how to take care of a farm so that one day they can take his place. He has never let his cancer stop him or slow him down, despite everyone around him begging him to slow down! We’re all holding our breath for this third therapy to be a success and holding on to the faith that his strength has gotten him through cancer 2x and the 3rd “ain’t no thang”. #myhero” -Christina for her dad, Bill Laws (Lindside)

“Where do you even begin with my dad. I have always known him as my funny, outgoing, never letting people leave without a laugh. He was a social service worker for 40 years. After retiring he went back to train social workers on foster care and adoption throughout the state. He retired from training, and went back again. This month he retired for the 3rd and final time. He played rugby for Roanoke Rugby starting in 1972. He is considered one of the “Old Boys”. He played rugby for 5 decades. When I was young, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. He continued to play rugby while doing intense chemo and radiation. He survived. There are so many, many stories about my dad. For as much heartache he has experienced in his life he has always been silly, funny, and making everyone around him laugh. Last year, he lost both of his parents who were married for 72 years. Between their two deaths (4 months apart) he suffered 2 strokes. The second being very severe. He survived. He lost use of his right arm and had slurred speech. In the ER, he was still making everyone laugh. It was a tough and hard recovery. But he has done amazing and you cannot even tell now! I cannot even begin to describe a more strong man or person. From his goofy outfits, to “THE HAT” (multicolored) he wears everywhere he does everything he can to bring joy to others. He will definitely brighten up ANY billboard. I mean, it’s full outfits, for every holiday, and just random bright colored outfits….my whole life. Even my teenage years….” -Diedra for her dad, Roger Stultz (Roanoke)

“I wasn’t born his daughter, but he raised me as his own and unconditionally. He showed me what it meant to love someone without boundaries. Taught me how to play sports, do construction, hunt, garden, etc. That love is continued today with myself and my children. It’s something I will be forever grateful for.” -Nickie for Kendall (Craig County)

“Our Strong Dad is always there for us. Physically, emotionally, financially. He works hard and keeps going even when things are tough. He does it all for his family. Even after a hard day’s work he makes the effort to come home and spend the time with his children. We never go without because of him. He has been the best partner and an ecen better father. Overcoming addiction years ago to become the family man that every dad strives to be. He is an inspiration and truly the best version of himself we could ever ask for.” -Morgan for her dad, Frederick Perrault (Evington)

“He is the father to my 2 kids, ages 2 and 6 months and would do anything for all of us! He does so much to make the kids have fun daily, works hard to provide for them and even does things that most moms think should be their job only! He is the best dad in the world to Carsyn and Blake!!!” -Amanda for her husband, Jared Bridges (Lewisburg)

“Kenny Blanchard has been an awesome dad as well as a great father figure to many. So much so, his nickname to everyone that knows and loves him is “Big Kenny”. Theres NO doubt that when you say “Big Kenny” , everyone knows exactly who your speaking of!! He’s the fun dad that goes out of his way to help his kids and anyone else. He’s also a very hard worker. He does indoor and outdoor painting. He’s a huge bowling fan. He’s been bowling for at least 20 years including being in leagues. He’d take the shirt off his back for anyone. He’s a girls best friend and still one of the guys. He treats other peoples kids like his own grand kids. He even attended a birthday party for his my little girls third birthday party at the Bounce About in Lynchburg. And yes he had a blast. He’s the most friendliest and loving friend, dad, father figure and jokester you could ever meet. He deserves a SHOUT OUT most definitely. They don’t make men like Kenny anymore. He’s been an awesome friend and father figure in our life for many years. He’s done so much for his children and others. He’s helped people when they’ve needed work, or needed someone to lean on. There’s so much more to Kenny and his soft heart. He always has a sunny and funny side that it makes your day. Happy Fathers day Big Kenny!! We all love you ❤” -Cassandra for Kenny Blanchard (Lynchburg)

“My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 10 years ago, he is still there for his family, still trying to work a little after retiring, he fishes, golfs and hunts…..he amazes me everyday! I feel he deserves the world, he is the best day ever!!!!” -Jennifer Sutphin for her dad, Garrett Quesenberry (Floyd)

“My dad is the hardest working man I know, He will help anybody who is in need, My dad is 66 and can work hard with the best of them.” -Danyelle for her dad Harold Poindexter (Rocky Mount)

“He is technically my step dad but has been more than just a dad to me. He stepped up when I was at a young age when he didn’t have to. He was and is more of a father figure to me than anyone could imagine. He would be well deserving of a brand new grill for sure!” -Corey for his dad, Dennis Holland (Wirtz)

“My dad has been battling cancer for almost 2 years now, undergoing a major back surgery and plenty rounds of chemo and radiation. He has constantly surpassed the doctors expectations and continues to thrive under extreme pain and suffering. Always being so strong and the main breadwinner for the family had been his forte for as long as I can remember. Now he spends most of his days in pain and fighting to live for his family. As he suffers daily, he still does whatever he can for whoever he can. So today, I want to do something for him and celebrate his life as the strong dad he is!” – Sarah for her dad, Paul Thompson (Lexington)

“He works so hard, 13 hour shifts 6 or 7 days a week to provide for his kids. No matter how tired he is, he makes time to spend with them always. He plans family trips and little outings for his rare days off to make sure they will have wonderful memories. This man has lost his sister at a young age and she was his best friend. He has seen many many hard days and nights but he always pushes himself and works hard. He is the most amazing dad in the world.” -Emily for Marcus Carter (Rocky Mount)

“He has always been a role model not only to me but to the community. From life advise to financial choices he has always guided me and shaped me into the man I am today.” -Bryce for his dad, Douglas Young (Ferrum)

“My dad is amazing he is the most loving caring person in the whole world he is my best friend he’s always been there supporting me through my whole life he deserves the world he provides so well for our family and never once complains about it I’m eternally grateful he’s my dad” -Emily for her dad, Mark Greer (Hardy)

“My dad, Tim is an avid fisherman and loves to smoke BBQ! He spends most of his time on Smith Mountain Lake with his girlfriend Cristy on their ‘midway dock’ which is the perfect place to host BBQ’s! My dad is hands down the best and coolest dad EVER and he would absolutely love the Kamado Joe for entertaining at the midway! Thanks K92!!” -Mariah for her dad, Tim Pearson (Moneta)

“He’s my stepfather he has helped me a lot taught me how to drive manage money and my real father passed away he was there for me then and he has been here for me every since” -Marissa for her dad, Gary Chittum (Buena Vista)

“My dad is the best! He completely remodeled my house without thinking twice- and in a very short time! He always goes out of his way to help anyone! Not only is he the he’s dad ever but he is getting nominated to best grand-dad in July!”- Kayla for her dad, Brian Carter (Bedford)

“My dad is a wonderful and strong person. He has always been there for me and doesn’t complain. He works over 50 hours a week, every week for as long as I can remember as a truck driver. He loves to grill out and this would be an awesome gift that will bring the whole family together.” Kinsey for her dad Michael Worell (Christiansburg)

“My strong shout out goes to my loving husband. He works 40 plus hours a week, is a full-time student, and Is still happy to come home and enjoy a late night game of hide and seek with our two children. He is the heart of our family and deserves nothing but the best, not, but everyday. I’m not always one to acknowledge how great he is, but I want to take an opportunity for him and everyone to know how much I love and appreciate all of who he is. He has sacrificed so much to make us all happy, that I hope one day I can repay him. I am incredibly honored to call this man my husband. Forever your always. I love you!” -Kelli for her husband, Patrick Tolley (Roanoke)

“My daddy is such a considerate, selfless and yet strong man and father. Not only is a Godly man, helpful son and husband but he is an amazing father and grandfather! I remember him working overtime as a kid and running on a couple hours of sleep and still teaching me how to pitch softball. He now spreads himself between spoiling his wife, helping his mother and father with dementia, babysitting his 3 year old grandson daily, taking his day off to go visit his 1 year old grandson and in his spare time helping his 3 kids with house hold chores and to do lists. Not to mention volunteering his time with church weekly and even the food pantry. I rarely see him sit still and he is always willing to help. He retired and volunteered to help watch his newborn grandson at the time and continues to spoil him rotten. He has 3 children, 9 grandchildren and still helps his mother and father daily. He has been to every sporting event and grandparent lunching he could. He was the structured male my children needed during an ugly divorce and my kids consider him a huge role model. He is a reminder of what a man and father should be like. He takes no time for himself and doesn’t expect anything in return. So I would love to honor all he does for everyone and help him see how much he is loved and appreciated! He is an amazing and strong man!” – Jessica for her dad Stevie Cundiff (Rocky Mount)

“He always gives me my own personal space and has alwas respected my boundaries. Though some say he is a lazy perdon he has always been able to get what he needs to done.” -Madison for Barney Edwards (Roanoke)

“I’m nominating my husband because hes the most amazing dad I know. Not only is he a wonderful and caring father to our 3 girls but he has also stepped up and become a father figure to our 3 nephews and neice when they moved in with us a few months ago. He works full time nightshift and still makes time to help coach their baseball teams and take them to swim lessons. He always helps with cleaning, laundry and cooking. And will even go without sleep if it means attending a school or sporting even to support one of the seven kids in our household. Our life is chaotic but he is an outstanding dad and makes things fun. So if you see a six foot tall redhead at the pool with painted toenails (the four girls love to paint his toes) give him a high five.” -Maria for her husband, Chris Arnold (Roanoke)

“Entering my husband into this contest since he has been a solid rock and great provider for all three of our children. He has worked hard and taught them leadership, honesty and the value of teamwork” -Dana for her husband, Gene Podell (Roanoke)

“My dad was a single parent from the time I was three and raised me all on his own while working and trying to take care of us. He taught me how to be respectful and hardworking. Even though he has a lot of health issues, he still continues to work while he takes care of my grandparents. Everyday, he goes over to cook for them. He also mows their grass, keeps up with the maintenance on their car, and takes care of other chores for them. Recently, he redid their whole yard, planting grass and flowers and mulching, working on it every day for hours before going to work. He is amazing and deserves a lot more appreciation than he gets.” -Hayden for their dad, David Catlett (Covington)

“My strong dad shout is for our father, Peter Bradac age 64 years young, THE strongest man in our life. He has always been a very hard working, loving, caring, retired, marine veteran. Last year on Saturday June 16th 9:30 pm (YES, the day before fathers day) my brother and I received a phone call from our paniced mother….”you both need to get here safely but quickly, I’ve called 911 and they are on their way here, I’m doing CPR on dad right now, I don’t know what’s wrong!” Said our mother. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!! We rushed over to stand outside, looking inside as we weren’t aloud to go in, seeing our dad laying on the floor and the EMS were surrounding him. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing as our dad has always been a very healthy active man. EMS took him to RMH as we (my family of 5, my brothers family of 3 and our mother) all followed…waiting hours to find out what had happened felt like weeks, we thought we were going to lose him. He suffered from not 1 BUT 2 massive heart attacks. We were told that he had a stint put it and he was being medically cooled and coma and that he might have brain damage. He woke up 2 very early days later, confused, but awake and still here with us today. The Dr said that if it wasn’t for my mom starting CPR when she did that he would not have made it. This fathers day will be an emotional one because of that…We are all very thankful for our mother acting so quickly and helping our father to still be here with us today! Our dad is alive and back to the normal same dad we have always known. God is good ❤ ” -Valerie for her dad, Peter Bradac (Blueridge)

“There are many amazing dads out there, but I’d love a chance to honor our own STRONG DAD! It would be an understatement to say that Rob is a family man, he constantly puts this children first in his life. Even more than that, though, he is willing to step in a care for other children when their own dads aren’t able through foster care and adoption. This guy has a huge heart! Whether he is making dinner for our growing troop (on a borrowed grill:), spending one on one time with our teens, or handing out advice to our adult children, he is doing it all with purpose and love! Help us show Rob just how amazing we know he is!” -Angela for her dad, Rob Way (Appomattox)

“My dad is the best dad in the world and really deserves this grill!!” -Amaria for her dad Rudy Ford (Roanoke)

“I am so proud of this man and everything he has overcame in the past. He has such unconditional love for all his kids and even my son who he has took in as his own since the beginning. I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he does for our family!” -Courtney for Josh Meadows (Blacksburg)

“My father is very caring, and would do anything for you. I hope he and every father has a great Father’s Day.” -Ona for her dad, Perry Blankenship (Wirtz)

“My dad has been the most loving, supportive and understanding father anyone could ask for to me and my three older sisters. All throughout my childhood he has worked 2/3 jobs to support us while my mother homeschooled us all. Never did I hear him complain about how hard he had to work cause he always came home with a smile on his face. This past April I had the pleasure of his walking me down the aisle to the man I now call my husband and I had time to reflect on how I would never be the person I am today without him, so I want to publicly say how thankful me and all my sisters are for him and everything he has done for us. Thank you dad, we love you.” -Sarah for her dad,Gary Hussell (Roanoke)

“My dad is a Vietnam vet and Purple Heart recipient. Even though he’s actually my step dad, I’ve only considered him more of a dad because he helped raise me since I was about 2 or 3 yrs old. He’s had his share of ups and downs in life that took its toll on his health. He’s been a hard worker all his life, beginning on a farm in West Virginia where he was born and shared a home with his 6 other siblings. He’s worked for the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey and got to meet Vincent Price many years ago. He used to own his own business setting up mobile homes in many areas. He’s always worked very hard. He hasnt always been easy to get along with, but his PTSD played a big part in that. He’s on 100% disability now with many dr’s apts behind him and yet to come. Everyone that knows him will tell you he’s helpful when he can be, even took in people who needed a place to stay. People did take advantage of him, but he journied on and put it behind him. He’s worked very hard on his home and needed assistance doing home improvements due to his physical limitations. We call him Pop Pop. I feel he deserves a shout out! He deserves recognition for many things including his military service in the Army. We Love you Pop Pop. Connie, Hope, Alexis, Cassie, and Denise, Gracie, and Natalie. ❤ P.s. I used my email because he doesnt have one 👍” -Concetta for her dad, James Persinger (Roanoke)

“He’s a hard working dad that loves his daughter and jokes around and loves kittens I couldn’t ask for a better dad he always try his best to make his family happy I really think he deserves this grill” -Kendra for Kendrick Turner (Vinton)

“My dad grew up in a broken home. He lost his mom when he was 21 two weeks later lost his his father then 6 months later he lost his brother to suicide. He overcame a lot in the years that past taking care of his younger brother who was always in trouble. My father took care of my mother and my sister and brother and though their marriage struggled he always found a reason to stay and make it work. He has always been there for his brothers and their family and never has let us down. He has always taken care of us and was a role model for us to follow . he taught us how to be strong and hard working and has never let us fall. I praise my father for being the man I am today. Now that i have a family i only wish i could be the man he is and glad he has never let us go through what he did. He told me once he will never want us to learn how he has though it made him strong it also had a negative impact on how he views the world. I love him for that” -Kelly for his dad, Jerry Smith (Elliston)

“My dad, Johnny, is one for the best people that I know. He has always been happy and supportive of my sister and myself. He didn’t treat us as daughters but as his children, meaning that we played with BB guns and knives as much as stereotypical girl toys. We were raised believing we could do anything we set our mind too and that being a good person was more important that being a person of wealth or prestige. In 2005, our world was turned upside down when our dad has a stroke and a brain hemorrhage. At RMH they told him that he had a 50/50 chance of living and if he DID live, he would never be the same person and would be severely mentally handicapped. He was airlifted to UVA and stayed there for weeks. Guess what- he did live and he’s still our dad. He’s still supportive and helpful, watching my boys when they are sick and I need to work or helping take care of my pets when we’re out of town. He is the same person he was before … except that he lost his fear of heights and forgets that he already told me something earlier in the day (but hey- that could just be old age haha!). The doctors at UVA said part of the reason he survived was because his heart and body were so strong. I’d like to think that the other reason he survived and recovered was because his love of life and family was so strong.” -Dorian for her dad, Johnny Etter (Roanoke)

“Patrick came into my life when my 3rd child was just 6 months old. He stepped right up for all three of my children and has never looked back. We now have four children ages 9,7,5&4 and he has been the constant father figure for the last 5 yrs. He is surrounded by all girls except for our oldest who is the only boy! But he gets up every morning and goes to work. He works long hours and then comes home to the crazy house we have. He has grown up so much from the 22 year old that I fell for and he is trying his hardest to do even better. We all love him and we believe he deserves a huge shout out!!!” -Amanda for Patrick Lyon (Blacksburg)

“Jim is the definition of strong as a father. Jim is about 20 years older than I am and while we call each other brothers – I look up to him as a father more than anything. He’s a veteran this country can be proud of in every way. After the loss of his son several years ago he showed us as a family what it is to be strong, even through the tears. He’s a dedicated employee to a great company, he’s a husband to a beautiful wife, and a brother and son whom we all look up to. Jim has battled the extremes and still gets up every day, tends to his house, takes care of our dad, and put on a smile as he does it. Our dad is at a local nursing home but before that he spent several years living with Jim. He took care of our dad through the last years of dad’s ability to walk and take care of himself. He had put his life on hold and even gave up his bedroom to make sure our dad could have an amazing quality of life. Jim deserves the happiness we all want – let’s keep a veteran and a father smiling with a strong dad grill.” -Grant for Jim Hall (Salem)

“There are many different types of strengths that might make you a strong dad. It’s not all about how much you can lift or pull, being a strong dad is about providing for a family. We might not have had the best, maybe not even the newest but he always provided the best that he could and have it’s what he could. Worked as Law Enforcement growing up teaching good from bad, right from wrong, retired but continues to work in law enforcement part time. Taught us how to hunt and fish and enjoy nature. Family time is a huge part of our lives and that another strength that was taught and shown. Now he’s going to be a grandfather and still be strong role model for his grandchild as I try to follow in the same footsteps and be just as strong of a father for my child.” -Garrett for his dad, Gary Shively (Ferrum)

“My dad and my siblings and I didn’t always see eye to eye. Things were rough growing up. My dad has recently stepped up and helped my younger sister in ways that will change her life for the better. He has tried hard to make us feel like we are important to him and that we matter. He would do anything he could to help us even if it means him going without things. He has really went above and beyond recently for my younger sister who’s not available at the moment to do this on her own so I’m speaking on her, my brother and my behalf. He deserves everything in the whole world and if I can do this one little thing for him I will be so grateful because he’s given so much. Thank you!” -Tiffany for her dad Jimmy Mitchell (Dublin)

“My dad is so loving and caring. He is a character, there’s never a time when he isn’t cracking a joke. He is also very strong, definitely one of the strongest men I know. I wouldn’t trade this man for the world! We all love you Mike!” -Macaylah for her dad, Michael Turner

“It will be two years ago on July 11th, when Randy and I lost our first daughter. She was born at 20 weeks weighing 9oz. Mia Leanne Rich only lived for three hours. During this time Randy was there for me at every step of the grieving process. Loosing our daughter was very hard on the both of us, but Randy always has a positive mindset. I would say he is a strong father. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know how I would have survived the loss of Mia. On March 6th of this year, we were blessed to have another beautiful little girl named, Madison Grace Rich. She is our rainbow baby. I would like to give a shout out to Randy, who is a strong, courageous, and loving father.” -Aubrey for Randy Rich (Salem)

“My dad is fabulous.. in 2008 after. A long and nasty divorce that ended up going on and on til 2014 my dad has been there for me and my son he has been more of a father to my son then his dad who would always give him up for his band gigs. My son who is now 11 knows how to help on the farm who can drive a tractor and any farm equipment And it’s all because of my dad who took his time and was there for him. Then when I had my daughter he had been so supportive of me and my new husband he was there for hours during the time that my husband was in the hospital for five months with a spinal cord tumor. Anyone that meets my dad loves him.. I know we won’t wont but in my heart and my life my dad is my Hero and I wouldn’t be who I am today without him 🥰🥰.” – Amanda for Robert “Bob” Smith (Roanoke)

“This goes out for my kids father. We have been through so much in the last 8 years. Mark was in a very bad car accident 6 years ago. He hurt his back and is unable to work. We have tried for 6 years for his disability and he still can’t get it. Through all this we have to children. He has been our Rock through all we have been through. He still smiles through it all. He is so strong.” -Tina for Mark Lapradd (Bedford)

“My dad Randy – What can I say but he is amazing. He and my mom have been married for 33 years and been together for 38 years. He is a very caring person. He would give his shirt off his back for someone. He lost our Poppy 4 years ago – Poppy was his hero, Poppy would go everywhere with us and Poppy lived for my dad. They were two peas in a pod – My dad took care of my Poppy in his last 8 months of his life. He moved in with us and my dad would bathe him , change his depends and give him 100% care that he needed. When he lost my Poppy my dad lost his best friend and had a really hard time dealing with things. My dad takes care of everyone, he even cares for the wildlife, he wants to help all things great and small. We had Chickens a few years ago and seriously our dog got one of them and my dad took it to the vet.. Just last month my brother had a cow on the farm down, well my dad and mom took vacation to go get this cow out of a creek that gave birth to a calf that died and try to save her. He worked hard all day put in 8 hours getting her to the barn and he was late many nights for the next week working with her to save her, and then had to end up putting her down.This is how caring he is for everything. He loves his family. He works many jobs and will help a stranger in need.. I have seen him give money to those that are in need – pay it forward for people, and support the Vets. On Memorial day he has to go shake hands with any Vet he sees and we bought one breakfast that morning and he never knew it was my DAD. He just always wants to help and provide for his family and others. WE love him so much and know he deserves it. He does jobs for others and won’t even charge them. I could write on and on about the many things he does from his heart. But the biggest is his love for his family. Love, Tabitha, Mick, Zack, Lindsey and Marshall.” -Randy for his dad Randy Stinnett (Buena Vista)

“Dennis is a great father and husband we have struggled with paying our bills since he got sick 1 year ago and we have yet to get back on our feet but dennis our dad has always taken care of us and making sure our bills get paid and making sure our family has everything we need in spite of his stress he works very hard and taking care of his family and we all love him very much and he is the best father in the world and he loves k92 and listens everymorning and he totally deserves everything good and he never wins anything! and grilling out is the only time we really get to hang out as a family cooking together is what he likes to do very much our dad is the best dad and husband ever. we love you dad love you, Karen , Brad, and Kiel Happy Fathers day to the best dad ever.” -Karen for her husband, Dennis Cook (Roanoke)

“He is pastor to first baptist church on 309 clay street and is an awesome father he is kind to everyone and is very supportive whether you want his support or not he supports you he is a great man and pastor I love him very much. He makes most of the money for our family and is a true man of God I love you dad” -Christian for Ron Parker (Roanoke)

“Strong dad, fun Dad, silly dad, hard working Dad. All of these describe my husband Chad. He works so hard to provide for our family. He is so encouraging to our boys, giving them advice to live by. He loves camping, hanging by the river and just spending time with the family. Chad never asks for anything, and always has a smile on his face. Would love to win this grill for him to show how much he is appreciated. ” -Sara for her husband, Chad Hampton (Salem)

“My dad is the strongest dad I know and could ever ask for in a father. He has always made sure not only his 3 kids are taken care and everything we needed but also been a father to his step daughter as well. He has recently gotten sick which has prevented him to have to quit his job but still not a day that goes by he doesn’t think about us kids or willing to still help us out in anyway he can. Thanks for being the awesome dad that you are!” -Christy for her dad, Bill Davis (Rocky Mount)

“He is a hard working man. caring. funny. smart. loving. he deserves this so much. i cant afford nice things he’d like so i know this would put a huge smile on his face& make him happy” -Brittany for Christopher Robertson (Raleigh)

“I would like to nominate my brother, Johnny Wagner he is an awesome stay at home dad to his 7 year old son and 2 1/2 old daughter. He and his wife had to learn early on life to be strong when their son was born. Their has had two open heart surgeries, one at 5 months old and one at 5 years old. He is doing great now. There is never a dull moment with his daughter from dumping a bag of chips in bedroom floor, to throwing all of her brothers stuffed animals down the stairs. He has patience of steel. My brother is one the strongest men I know, he does an amazing job taking care of his son and daughter and keeping up the house as a stay at home dad while his wife works full time. That’s why I nominate my brother for the strong dad about out.” -Diana for her brother, Johnny Wagner (Roanoke)

“My husband Jeff came into our lives when my sons were 7 and 12 years old. They immediately formed a bond that still exists now that they are grown. He was always the calm voice of reason and never raised his voice to them, even when I thought they deserved it! Jeff showered them with love and affection and they were always “our boys” not “your boys”. He showed them how to treat others with manners and respect and I always received compliments from other parents on how polite they were. I am so grateful for this strong wonderful dad!” -Lisa for her husband, Jeff Franklin (Roanoke)

“My strong dad is such a hard worker and always makes sure I’m okay!” -Raegan for her dad, James Mauck (Roanoke)

“He has been through a lot and I am so proud of him. Keep strong, Dad.” -Lauren for her dad, James Powell (Martinsville)

“Anthony R. Miller Sr. Is the definition of what a father is but had no intentions on being one. Raised by a single mother, the oldest of 11 he was looked at as the man of the house. Considers his younger siblings his own and treats them as such. Fast forward years later. We have 2 beautiful children and took in a 3rd 3 years ago. He has been present for dr. visits, graduations, field trips, etc. Here recently since our oldest started middle school he has played both mother and father listening to crushes (as hard as that’s been) and guiding her into young adulthood. He suffers from health problems of his own (CHF) always putting that on the back burner to make sure we are taken care of. I could not have asked for a better man, my kids a better father. I want him to know just how appreciated he is bc at times the men who are actual fathers get over looked only bc they are hard to come by. Anthony R. Miller Sr. Happy Father’s Day” -Tiffany for Anthony Miller Sr. (Christiansburg)

“There are many different types of strengths that might make you a strong dad. It’s not all about how much you can lift or pull, being a strong dad is about providing for a family. We might not have had the best, maybe not even the newest but he always provided the best that he could and have it’s what he could. Worked as Law Enforcement growing up teaching good from bad, right from wrong, retired but continues to work in law enforcement part time. Taught us how to hunt and fish and enjoy nature. Family time is a huge part of our lives and that another strength that was taught and shown. Now he’s going to be a grandfather and still be strong role model for his grandchild as I try to follow in the same footsteps and be just as strong of a father for my child.” -Garrett for Garrett Shively (Ferrum)

“My dad is one of the strongest people I know. Him and my mother were told they were never able to have children, so they bought their dream house way over their budget. Two months after moving in boom pregnant with twins. My father took on two jobs, and has been a blue collar worker for the last 30+ years. He has never missed a day of work, and has managed to not only stay in the dream house but also provide the greatest childhood for my twin and I. In every situation I’ve gone through he has always been there. Every lacrosse game and tennis match I could always count on him to be there. He’s all around the greatest dad ever.” -Cody for his dad, John Blankenship

“My dad doesn’t need the grill (although he would absolutely love the BBQ), I just hope he can get this shout out. I’m sure many people will tell you how amazing their dad is because he’s good at fixing things, or works really hard and loves his family so much. My Dad though, he’s strong because he gives his everything to his family. He puts others and their needs before his. He has worked a plethora of jobs to keep our family in shape and able to have what we need and a little extra. He retired from the Roanoke Country Police Department in fall of 2015, and went from reserves to active duty with the Marine Corps. He was the head of the Wounded Warrior Battalion at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, where he made sure all of his men and women got the help and care they needed, while continuing to provide for us back home. He got up at 3 a.m. every Monday morning to drive the 5 hours back to Portsmouth for the week, then drove home every Friday evening to be home for the weekend, still taking phone calls and keeping things in place at the Naval Hospital. His first year up at Portsmouth, I, his oldest daughter was in my first year of college at James Madison University. I was having a really hard time adjusting and my Dad would come by on his way home and pick me up from school EVERY weekend. Then I’d get up and ride back with him those early mornings to start the next week. My Dad always makes sure that his three children had everything they needed and were, and are, always happy. When his three years contract was up at Portsmouth, he came home and got right back to work in another area of providing for his family, all the while continuing to provide for his country and his community. He is currently a Deputy in the County Court, while also working at the Greenbrier Nursery on his days off. He always makes time for his family, even getting things done for me and my younger brother back home while we’re away at college. And my little sister gets all the attention and Dad time she wants at home (rising freshman at Cave Spring)! I know this is a lot, but my Dad does so.much. He also makes time to get over my my Grandma’s (his mom’s) house to help my Aunt with her. She had a stroke back in 2008 that left her left side paralyzed, and insurance won’t cover in-home healthcare for her, so it’s left up to my Aunt and Uncle, and Dad. I would love nothing more than for my Dad to receive at least a shout out for being stronger than strong. He is resilient and selfless, he is the better half of my strong Mom. He’s one of my best friends, and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better father had I picked him out and designed him myself. I am the person I am today, because of him and all he has taught me these past 22 and a half crazy years of life. He’s the best Dad, and the strongest of the strong, and he deserves all the recognition of this and more. Thank you. x A very luck little girl, Jolie Matze.” -Jolie for her dad, Jay Matze (Roanoke)

“My dad has made it through several health obstacles in his life, but he has still made it through with God’s help. He is always there for our family.” -Jamie for her dad, Benjamin Hodges (Rocky Mount)

“My dad is the strongest man I know. In more ways than one. He’s worked his hands to the bone my whole life to assure my sisters and I were well taken care of. Physical labor was something he endured to no ends to provide for his family. But that’s not even half of his true strength. He has in every way imaginable been there for us and my mom. No matter what he has always been our rock and held our family together. He has a been a faithful, reliable and loving husband for 37 years. Him and my mom are the true definition of unconditional love. He’s the pawpaw that the grandkids always want to be with. He is to them as he still is to us, our hero. We are truly blessed and beyond thankful to the Good Lord for giving us such a strong man to lead this family. He means the world to his kids, grandkids and his wife. He’s the best dad anyone could ever ask for.” -Stephanie for her dad, Jerry Sweeney (Ferrum)

“Great guy who will help any one” -Mark for Jim Brown (Roanoke)

“He is not my dad, but is the best dad to my children, two whom are special needs. He just recently with through two and one half months of radiation treatments for cancer, suffering with many side effects, leaving him drained and tired. He continued to push through and continued his daily farm chores , helping with our children and household chores. He is the rock of our family and shows serpasted support for us everyday. He is also willing to help other in need, giving strangers a ride or food/money. My husdand/childrens father is a true blessing to many. This Stong Dad is my rock!” -Denise for her husband, Ernest Murphy (Vinton)

“I would like to nominate my fiancé George Crockett, he is the strongest man I know ! When we meet he was a single dad with an eight year old son . We had a daughter in which he was there for everything from Beauty pageants to ballgames! Nothing she did he wasn’t backing her ! Then right when he was thinking about retiring Social service from Tennessee called , He went immediately took custody of 3 of his grandchildren, so now he works full time at night and part time day job about 70 or more hours a week to provide for us ! I didn’t even mention he even battled Cancer and went through radiation treatments but he hasn’t let this stop him !! He loves his family he will do anything for us !! I don’t know a stronger man, father/grandfather!! He a prime example of a true strong dad !!” -Veronica for her fiance, George Crockett (Roanoke)

“My brothers and I have the best dad in the world! He is very strong because he works out everyday. He is a good role model to us because he takes us to church, eats healthy, runs us to all of our sporting events, is smart and teaches us how to be responsible. Our dad has also been wanting one of these grills for a long time now. He would be very happy to win it. We love him.” -Jacob for his dad, Steven Montgomery (Rocky Mount)

“I call him daddy, even at 23 years of age. Before I was even thought of, he helped my mom to escape an abusive husband with my sister, whom he later took in as his own. A few years later came along my myself and exactly a year after my brother. I had a lot of serious health problems when I was born, and while my mom and I were both in intensive care, he would go to work every day and then drive over an hour to come see us and take care of us (during a massive snow storm might I add). He worked in the coast guard for over twenty years and now that he’s retired, he still works everyday morning to night to provide for my mom who’s health has declined over the years. He calls me everyday to check on me and would drop anything to help someone. He’s one of the most selfless people I know. He wasn’t able to help me pay for college, but he’s been there to help me with every assignment and play critic for my presentations. This can’t even begin to cover all the amazing things that make him daddy, but just maybe it’s enough to show you guys how amazing he is!” -Melody for Michael Mckenna (Leesburg)

“My dad has supported me and kept me safe when things weren’t easy. I am 14 years old now and he has full custody of me and fault against the odds to get me full time. He helps me with my home work and sports. He always makes sure I have the things I need and things I just want too. He is the best man I know and such a great role model for me and my siblings. My dad deserves a chance to win he has been wanting a grill for so long, he talks about it every summer. I would love to surprise him with this for all he has done for me! Thank you, Calvin Bannister III” -Calvin for his dad, Calvin Bannister III (Vinton)

“He is an amazing, strong man of God, who I have been so fortunate to call my family. He is always there to listen, five the best advice, and keep his faith no matter the hardship. He is resilient and is constantly helping people around him, whether in and out of his community. He is one of the greatest people I know!” -Samara for George Crockett (Roanoke)

“The Strong Dad id like to recognize is the step-father to my son, Tanner. I met him, whenever he was serving his 5th year in the United States Marine Corp whenever we were both going through a really tough time. During this time, i also found out i was pregnant from a previous relationship, and he chose to stay in my life, and my son’s life. Even whenever he was on detachments and things for the Military, he always made sure i had what i needed for a successful pregnancy, and now he works out of richmond, around 60 hours every week as a construction worker in order to help further provide for Tanner. Through the detachments, and the miles apart, and difficult times in our lives, he has kept a smile on his face and jumped in, hands and mind ready to tackle every situation coming our way. I am so grateful for him, and for everything he has done for his country and his family and I dont know how i could do it without him.” -Cheyenne for Travis Farmer (Pulaski)

“My dad has always put us above others. He takes care of 5 kids and works daily for 10 or more hours. He’s so hardworking and is constantly doing what’s best for us kids. He’s very protective over us kids and doesn’t let anything or anyone hurt us. He’s the best father anyone could possibly ask for. I thank God for him everyday and I love him dearly. He definitely deserves this grill.” -Autumn for her dad Dewayne Smith (Roanoke)

“Colter is the father of my middle son Atlas. Colter is an amazing father to his son. Unlike so many couples we have been able to work through our differences to raise our son together even though we are not together. Colter is able to overcome any obstacle with great patience. When he was 17 he broke his neck which left him a c5/c6 quadriplegic. He has limited use of his arms and his hands do not function at all. Doctors have repeatedly told Colter he would never be able to do things and through determination and stubbornness he has repeatedly proven them wrong. Including becoming a father. He is so proud of his son who we recently found out is autistic. And like everything Colter looks at our son and his disabilities as just another thing that he will over come. Our son Atlas can be difficult to handle physically and emotionally and Colter never loses his patience with Atlas and always shows him love and attention.” -Callie for Colter Ayers (Roanoke)

“He is a great guy with a hard shell. He has raised me since I was 8 years old and has given me everything my biological father couldn’t. I’m very grateful for him. I love him very much.” -Keesha for James Hayes

“Matthew is a senior Firefighter for the City of Salem. Over the course of the last 8 months if he has not been working at the firehouse he has been working countless tiredness hours alongside his own dad to build our family of 4 our forever home. We are so close to being done and it is all because of his love, skills, and promises to his wife and children. By doing this project this way we were able to save a lot of money to build and afford the exact house we all wanted. This could not have been possible with out him and we will be forever greatly and what makes him most deserving of this prize. Not to mention another passion of his is master of the grill!” -Pamela for Jessie Jones (Rocky Mount)

“Bill is a 28 year old dad to 5. Let me add, only 2 of those 5 are biologically his. He stepped up when the bio dads of my 2 from previous relationships couldn’t. Without hesitation, he accepted custody of his older cousins 2.5 year old (almost 2 years ago) to get him out of a bad situation and has raised him as if he’s his own ever since. He’s been a stay at home dad who gives back to the community by coaching our kids, and other youth in sports (soccer, basketball, tball), attends all the school awards and performances without a grumble. Through this, he has battled repeated (5) shoulder surgeries after an incident in 2012 and is now dealing with degenerative disc disease. None of that has slowed him down and he does everything possible for our family (and others). He is our family hero and we are so thankful for him and all he has done. There are so many amazing dads out there but Bill is truly 1 of a kind, with a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back to anyone.” -Ashley for William “Bill” Caudill (Roanoke)

“He is the most amazing, hardworking and loving dad to five boys ever. He is a logger, working outside everyday 12 plus hours a day, rain or shine. He always makes time to spend with his boys, whether it’s playing baseball or basketball with them, riding bikes or just hanging out. He would do anything to help anyone and always makes sure his boys are happy healthy and well taken care of! I couldn’t ask for a better father for our boys.” -Kristi for Mike Witcher (Roanoke)

“My dad is a hard working, kind, and loving man. He works for the sheriff office and sees things that most of us dont realize is happening around us. He is compassionate and listens to others in hope that he can help. He loves us unconditionally and takes care of us to the beat of hos ability. He deserves so much. Laci” -Tonya for her dad, Keith Grantham (Callaway)

“My husband, Ryan, is the most selfless man with the biggest heart you will ever meet. He will do anything for anyone and has an endless list of talents that he uses to help anyone and everyone. He is the guy that everyone calls because they know that he will do whatever he can to help. Whether is it help with a computer problem or plumbing or electrical, Ryan will be there. Two years ago we lost Ryan’s dad, Gary, to brain cancer. It was the most heart breaking experience we have had as a family. Ryan had to step up as the head male role in the family. He has taken care of his mother and been her rock. He didn’t take time to grieve because he was focused on his mom. He has also stepped up as the “father figure” to our oldest nephews after his dad passed away. He makes sure that they have someone to talk to about anything and everything. This man deserves more than a shout out. He is a true blessing to everyone.” -Anne for her husband, Ryan Jones (Roanoke)

“I have the most amazing, strongest, courageous dad anyone could ask for. He’s not only just a dad he’s a special needs father to me. He goes above & beyond to make sure me & my mom are takin care of. Works 2 full time jobs so my mom can stay home & take care of my needs. Since I was born with cerebral palsy and can’t walk he has always been there for all my appointments at UVA. When I was little he made me an adaptive swing set so I could be like other kids. As I’ve gotten older & using a wheelchair to get around he has made our whole house accessible for me. Built ramps, widened doorways, made me a accessible shower. Not only has he cared for me all these years he’s had to step up & help my mom as well. She had back surgery recently & got a bad infection so she had to have another surgery & now has a wound vac on. So he’s having to take care of both of us right now & keep his jobs. I’ve also had some other issues that pre teens have that most dads wouldn’t think about even helping with what my mom should be doing but she can’t with her bad back from surgery. If anybody deserves hero or dad of the year award he definitely has earned it a 1000 times over these past couple months especially. He has just started to like cooking ribs & more grilling cause mom can’t do it right now til she gets better. So if he could win this grill he would be one happy daddy. Cause he’s one in a million to me & my momma! K92 Rocks!” -Kacie for her dad, Coy Hodges (Rocky Mount)

“My husband Brian is a true definition of a strong dad. He works hard daily with the motto “I climb poles so my girls don’t have to”lol that’s our family joke since he is a telephone technician. But on a serious note Brian and I met about 9 years ago, I had just recently divorced he took both of my kids in as his own. We married a year later and have a daughter that we share together. Brian has showed my older children what a real dad is supposed to be like and for that I am more than grateful. He works hard, sometimes 70+ hours a week to make sure that our daughters (my son is grown and has a place of his own) have everything they want and need. He puts everyone else’s needs before his own and would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. We truly love him and are so thankful for him!” -Amanda for her husband, Brian Wood (Rocky Mount)

“He’s an amazing father and stepfather. He has raised my two oldest kids as if they were his own, and has been a wonderful father to our daughter and we also have another daughter on the way that is due in October. He works very hard to provide for his father and deserves some recognition. Thank you all at K92 for this opportunity to give him a shout out.” -Amanda for her dad, Nathan Casey (Roanoke)

“In 2014 my dad was diagnosed with leukemia, and during that same time he was also going through a divorce. He went to cancer treatments for the next two years and beat his leukemia without missing a single day of work. He continues to work hard everyday to be a role model for his eight kids, and three grandkids. My dad is never one to ask for help when he needs it but rather finds a way to solve it himself. He has a big heart for those closest to him, he is selfless and only wants the best for his family. I look up to my dad for knowing how strong he has been for us over the years and admire how much he has sacrificed for us. I love you very much dad! And thank you for everything you do!” -Anna for her dad, Dave Sexton (Salem)

“My husband Brian is a true definition of a strong dad. He works hard daily with the motto “I climb poles so my girls don’t have to”lol that’s our family joke since he is a telephone technician. But on a serious note Brian and I met about 9 years ago, I had just recently divorced he took both of my kids in as his own. We married a year later and have a daughter that we share together. Brian has showed my older children what a real dad is supposed to be like and for that I am more than grateful. He works hard, sometimes 70+ hours a week to make sure that our daughters (my son is grown and has a place of his own) have everything they want and need. He puts everyone else’s needs before his own and would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. We truly love him and are so thankful for him!” -Amanda for her husband, Brian Wood (Rocky Mount)

“I’m very lucky to call Andrew Tyree my husband and father to our kids. Ever since we started dating, he has treated my son like his own. He is a wonderful father to him and to his daughter braelyn. There are things I can not show or teach my son and Andrew has really stepped up to the plate. He’s showing them what true love, what it means to be a great father. He works second shift so he doesn’t get home until midnight and during the school year he gets up at 5:30 each morning to get the kids ready and out the door to get to school. Not to mention he drives to rocky mount every day to get his daughter to her bus stop on time. He makes time to show them he loves them. He really is our papa bear and we love every single thing about him” -Crystal for her husband, Andrew Tyree (Salem)

“My strong dad lives in heaven, he was a great man. Always ready to help others and go out of his way for them. He drove a school bus 35 or more years making sure all the kids were delivered to school safe and sound for their parents. My dad helped me to become a strong and independent person. I love and miss my dad so much. He always looked to me to take him to the doctor until the week I took him to the hospital and he didn’t get to come home alive. So fathers day is not always for the dads that are here on earth but the ones in heaven also. He is missed every day but most of all on fathers day. I love you dad,” -Marie for her dad, Fred Anderson (Rocky Mount)

“My Dad 💪🏾is a strong minded , morally drivin family man.He cares about not only our family but any person he comes in contact with.He loves to help others do good or succeed in life.He had a rough life,and makes sure we do not have to experience anything he did.A great Dad , granddad,and husband and example for me to follow proudly.I love you Dad,, Happy father’s day!!!!💕🙏” -Marcus for his dad, Roderick Jeter (Covington)

“My husband Brandon is a strong dad.. we met when we 13 but our lives took different paths till 4 years ago.. when we reconnected 4 years ago i was a single mom of 7. He took a huge responsibility as a stepdad. Than we welcome 2 of our own children, a 2 yr old daddy’s girl and 10mth daddy look a like boy.. so now we are a family of 11.. He works hard and never complains.. in the last year we were hit wit some news.. Brandon needed back surgery cause his disc was pinching his nerve off. First surgery was done and few weeks later he went in for a second surgery for infection.. than this past Feb he had a third surgery, this time he got 2 metal rods and 4 screws put in his back.. brandon has been super dad. Before every surgery he made sure we had money to get us thru.. when he was down he still managed to make sure he kissed every booboo.. we couldn’t get thru daily life without the love and dedication this man shows.. we love out strong dad.” -Diane for her husband, Brandon Williams

“Well happy father’s day to a great dad and grandfather raising me and my siblings from Jenny and kids” -Jennifer for David Cary Sr. (Covington)

“My dados the best! He has always had to work multiple jobs to support us! He’s the best friends anyone could ask for! But sadly he for a couple years now has had to play the role of mom and dad as our mother passed away a couple of years back. But he also teaches us hard work, values and how to serve a community! After all he is a firefighter berth so much passion and love dedication and sacrifice for the job! I am extremely proud to call him my father as it is an honor to do so!” -Barbie for her dad, Eddie Whitaker (Pulaski)

“3 years ago our Dad got into a car accident and broke his leg and shattered his knee cap…. He has had multiple surgeries just to be able to stand..He just finished with number 5.. in the mist of all of that Benjamin has been dealing with a lot of medical conditions and recently been diagnosed as asthmatic he has been right there by our side even in pain. He has been our #1 fan since day 1. Hes never missed a tball game or a school event…. He is our true hero.. We love him more than anything in the world…” -Jennifer and Brandon for their dad Steven Peters (Roanoke)

“My husband is a firefighter and also owns his own lawn care business. He works day and night to provide for his family. We love him so much and would love to be able to give him this gift thank you so much.” -Loren for her husband, Cody Owen (Evington)

“My dad is one of the most amazing people I know. Growing up he did not have a good role model for a father. Instead of following in his fathers footsteps he chose to take a different path and never be like his dad. He always puts our family first. My dad is not big on words and it took me a long time to realize he shows how much he cares thru his actions. He worked multiple jobs while we were growing up. He worked full time at the Roanoke City Sheriffs Office but also worked many part time jobs to make sure we had everything we needed. My dad is also that dad that will check your fluid levels in your vehicle when you visit and immediately check for a fever when you say you aren’t feeling well (he still does this to us as adults). We always felt safe and secure with him around. Now that I have children of my own he’s also a great Granddad. He is one of my special needs child biggest advocate, quickly to educate someone on his disabilities. My dad has been my rock my entire life and I’m so grateful to have him there in my corner.” –Carrie for her dad, Carlton Jefferson (Rocky Mount)

“My dad is a man of few words. My dad does not easily express his feelings. He has battled depression and two major surgeries and has overcome these things. My dad would give anyone anything but never asks for anything for himself. He often helps needy families at Christmas by donating or buying gifts for their children. He doesn’t express his feelings but he has the biggest heart. He has worked hard his entire life to give my mom, myself, and my brother anything that we could ever want or need and has never asked for anything in return. I am proud of my dad for what he has accomplished and for everything that he does and continues to do. I am honored to have him around to be a part of my son’s life and to teach him things that only a pawpaw can teach his grandchildren. Happy father’s day dad!” –Jennifer for her husband, Tim Caldwell (Willis)

“Our son, Max, is only two so he is not able tell you about his strong dad. But I can! I am his wife, our son’s mother. After many years of infertility, we were blessed, and shocked, with our healthy son. Max adores his daddy. I always knew my husband would be a fantastic father. He is the best “pet dad”. We lost our beloved dog who we had for 14 years, just two months before our son was born. He did everything for our pup. As he does for our son. He works hard to give our son everything he could ever imagine that he may want, he works through his chronic back pain that he has every single day. He is teaching our son how to be a gentleman. He is teaching him how to drive, how to fish, how to “fix it” when it’s broken. He is teaching him love and respect. He has battled cancer and won, he has battled fish, and lost. He is so strong and powers through anything that ails him. We are truly blessed and I cannot wait to see what else he will teach our son.” -Jennifer for her dad, Chris Weddle (Willis)

“Jordan and I met on the school bus in Franklin County. I had a little boy while still in high school and Jordan was always my protector, which in return we became best friends. Although my little boy wasn’t his he was so excited for me. About a year went by and we bumped into each other again and that was all it took. We hung out a few times started dating and next thing we knew… he not only fell in love with me but with my son too. Every since the first time he met Michael he loved him as his own. Stood by us and provided for us no questions asked. Here it is another son of our own and 8 years later there is no better father then Jordan! He never treats the boys different and he loves them unconditionally! He works hard and loves harder! He is the best dad any child could ask for! ♥” -Brittany for husband, Jordan Whitlow (Wirtz)

“My dad is the guy that John Wayne and Clint Eastwood studied to get in character. He is the toughest man I know. He is a cattle farmer in Botetourt County and is 75 years young and still going strong. He is extremely smart and funny and also has a sensitive side when it comes to his daughter and grandchildren. He lost my mom 6 years ago to cancer and he has had to learn how to cook and clean. His strength during this time helped us to heal. He is my role model and I will always be his little girl.” –Rebecca for her dad, George Etzler (Troutville)

“Maison is the only father figure my son has had in his life and he also has a son of his own and I couldn’t ask for a better father for both kids he never treats them different and is always there for both no matter what my son that is 5 would say he loves maison so much!” –Makayla for Maison Johnson (Carrol County)
“My dad had a rough life growing up and when I came into the picture he went to night school and worked during the day so he could graduate and provide for me and my mom at the same time. I am very grateful for his sacrifices for us and he is the strongest guy I know.” –Alyssa for her dad, RJ Sampson (Shawsville)

“Mike is actually my step father but has been in my life for the past 32 years. He came into our family (which already had 2 small children) and never missed a beat. He treated us like we were his own children-no matter how much we tried to fight it. He got my sister and I involved with sports at a young age and took us on many family camping and skiing trips. He instilled a love for the outdoors and nature in me early on. About 13 years ago my mother began showing signs of what has recently been diagnosed as Stiff Person Syndrome. This is a rare neurological disorder (medicine doesn’t help) where her muscles work against her and prevents her from doing a lot on her own. She uses a walker or wheelchair most of the time and depends on Mike for so much. Mike works full-time, takes care of the house and dog, and takes care of my mother without ever complaining. He takes her to doctor appointments, to meet up with her friends, on lunch and dinner dates and even takes her on shopping sprees. My sister and I both have families of our own now and we are thankful that our mother has a wonderful husband like Mike to care for her. He is truly the picture of a strong dad and we are glad he is ours!!” Keri for her step-father, Michael Nash (Preston)

“My dad is the definition of a strong dad. He is the glue that holds our family together. Our mom passed away in 2012 at an early age and it turned our life upside down. Never the less, my dad has always fought to keep my two older brothers and I, including his two grandchildren, happy and healthy. He has retired twice. He is the hardest working man I’ve ever known and still works hard to this day. My dad deserves all of the recognition, and then some! He’s always been in my corner, and there will never be enough gratitude for all of the things he has done for me and for our family.” –Marina for her father, David Hafey (Salem)

“Jacob is a kindhearted man who is awesome with his own son’s and also for anyone else children ..he coached rec basketball 3 yrs and took to the kids on his team like they were his own ..if the were hungry he would feed them listen to their problems help the find a solution..he has a big heart and would do anything for a child that is in need…He is a awesome father and father figure to my 2 son’s who look up to him as a dad when he didn’t have to be …” Luci for Jacob Stuart (Roanoke)

“My dad has been in heaven since 2012. He battled cancer.. diabetes..needing a kidney transplant..and more…my dad stayed strong till he knew he had to leave and watch us from above in heaven and live life without him..we weren’t prepared but praying and love has helped our family remember my dad and know he is always a prayer away. Never miss a chance to tell him happy Father’s day bc he was the best father to me n my sister and grandfather to our kids” Jeannie for her father, Johnny Melvin (Salem)

“I was a single mother of 3 I met Darrell 4 years ago, and he took my children and loved and cared for them as if they where his while both of us work and go to college he still finds time to go to the park, and never missed an award program at the school, he helps with homework and in this day and time a single woman finding someone to help her with her children, and not hurt them is a blessing it was also very scary to date but he introduced me to his family and I am glad to say there are decent step father’s. Darrell also has a 27 year old biological son Chris who adores him” –Clienette for Darrell Benton (Roanoke)

“My father has always been a hard working man for his family and would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need. He cherishes his grandkids and has been our rock. Health has not been the best dealing with cancer, blood and skin, but still pushes through and is always there for us. I could not have made it through without him by my side. To the strongest man I know, I love you DAD!! You deserve the best.” –April for her father, Jimmy Flinchum (Christiansburg)

“Jameko is the best dad I know! He is always there for the kids, letting me sleep in and taking them to school; knowing I have to work a 10 hour shift! He keeps them in line when they act out, and tucks them into bed when they get ready for bed. Jameko does not have any kids but has taken mine in like they are his own! He has been in our lives for the last 4 years and has stepped up to all 4 beautiful little girls, in fact when I say “My” kids, he gets so mad and corrects me to “Our” kids. He takes them to the park when he plays basketball and watches them play as we play “monster”, or “hot lava (sand), lol. I just sit back sometimes and watch him play with the kids thinking about how lucky we are to have such an amazing man come into our lives and take care of 4 children that are not any blood relation to him. He has turned these amazing little girls to little woman, and has not left our side since he has entered. He is the Strongest Dad I know to be able to put up with all this attitude from 5 women and a female dog as well, having to deal with the daily routines of dropping and picking up the kids from school and daycare, as well as sports and church. This man Jameko, is the strongest dad I know to always keep a smile on his face through thick and thin, even when his day is not going so well, he maintains a smile and a positive attitude for the girls and I, and being a positive role model in their lives takes the cake. I honestly just want him to know how grateful and proud I am of him for everything he has done and will continue to do!! I don’t know to many men who would take on the role of a fatherly figure to 4 little women and do such an amazing job! For this and more, we love him to the moon and back, and I hope he knows just how much we appreciate him for it!!” Ashlee for Jameko Manns (Roanoke)

“My dad is the greatest dad ever! He is a disabled Vietnam Veteran and has taught our family so much. He is loving, caring, strong and would do anything for anyone! We lost our mother, his wife, 4 years ago to cancer and he’s had to fill some pretty big shoes when she passed. He has now become the rock for our family! He’s has just done so much for us that I just want him to know how thankful we are to have him.” –Julie for her father, Tim Poindexter (Boones Mill)

“He just became a dad in January because I am only 5 months old. He works so hard to make sure that we have everything we need, no matter what it shall be. Most importantly he makes sure that he has time to spend with me. I love my daddy!” Aceton for father, Brent Graham (Covington)

“My daddy is not perfect by no means but he has always been there for me when I needed him. I had my son when i was 16 and he stepped up to help be the father figure in my sons life. When I was having money problems I always went to my daddy. Here recently he has not been having the best luck he was diagnosed with Lupus which isnt good for him because you aren’t supposed to be in the sun but he sells produce. He doesn’t complain he does what he needs to do to support him and my mom. Then he was in a car accident totaling his truck and losing thousands of dollars in produce. My dad is a strong man and just pushes through even when he isnt dealt the best hand.” –Marcia for her father, James Bowles (Roanoke)

“When people say they have the Best dad in the world, I often think to myself “Well they haven’t met my dad!” My dad Kenneth is one of the most generious, caring and loving individual. He is always willing to lend a hand to his family, friends, neighbors in his community and even to strangers. He has even given his jacket off his back to a complete stranger who was walking in the winter months, after he fed them and gave them a ride to the place they were going. He loves to help others out of the joy of his heart but does not want nor expect anything in return. My dad is a mighty man of God who loves to minister to others. He believes in the power of prayer and is always praying for others. My dad is well know in the community in which we live, and is know for being the sweetest man with the best hugs. He has been taken advantage of multiple times in the past but does not hold a grudge. He always tells me to remember “Love never fails Kelley.” I know his love for me definitely has not failed despite the bad choices I made growing up. He has shown my brother and I what a father and husband should be like. I have been labeled a “Daddy’s girl” for as long as I can remember and is a title that I carry proudly. My dad and I enjoy gardening and building stuff together. I love spending time with my dad and cherish those moments that we have together. I am so thankful that God chose me to be his daughter.” Kelley for her father, Kenneth Wyatt (Draper)

“My husband is one of the best men there is around ! We have 4 children (11,8,6 & 3) and both work full time jobs (50+ hours ) and we also run a business on the side mowing grass and taking care of numerous yards. He cuts grass after work everyday til 8:30 at night, comes home, helps me get the kids ready for bed,cleans up with me and doesn’t complain about it once ! He deals with anxiety snd depression on a daily basis and he pushes through everyday so that he can provide for our family, he also cuts a few yards for elderly people for free bc he knows that they can’t get out there and do it. He deserves so much more, and all he wants us a manly grill lol. Our children love their daddy and would give the world tk him if they could.” –Kayla for her husband, Justin Dodd (Madison Heights)

“This strong dad is my husband. The father to our 6 children. He works day in and day out from sun up to sometimes almost midnight running his own business so he can take care of our family and I can be home with our kids to raise them. He teaches our children that nothing comes for free and if you want something you earn it. By far he is one of the very few people I know this will bust their tail for everything he has ever owned. He will do anything and everything in his power to make sure our family never goes without anything we need. Some days I don’t know how he does it but he is the greatest husband I could of ever asked for!” –Krystal for her husband, Colt Hicks (Bedford)

“Shout Out to my dad, Jeff Coffman, for sacrificing all his working years running the roads and running work from DC to Louisiana. We missed a lot of his time then. He just retired and has grandkids to spoil. He would appreciate and could use this amazing grill so we can make memories from here on out!” Travis to his dad, Jeff Coffman (Ceres)

“Bobby is my husband and we have five children together. He is an incredible dad, husband and man. He works as the executive chef at an assisted living facility and he carefully creates meals for some of the most vulnerable population in our area. He is kind, compassionate and loyal. He supports his three biological children, his two step children in all they do. Between soccer games, wrestling matches – he does it all for our children. He’s never NOT loved my children as his own. We’re so lucky to have him.” –Amy for her husband, Bobby Bonds (Blacksburg)
“Robbie is the most selfless, hardworking dad I know. He always puts others first and does whatever is necessary to take care of his family. He is the type to give you the shirt off his back and the last dollar in his wallet as long as he knows he is helping someone out. The world would be a better place if there were more people like him in it.” –Amanda for Robbie Gray (Pulaski)

“My husband, Jared (father to my 19 month old son Jack and soon to be daughter in August) is the hardest working person I know. As an “eternal bachelor”, he has come a long way in our five years together. He works overtime every week to allow me to stay home with our son. He comes home late and wakes up early, sacrificing any personal time that he may get in order to spend it with us. Never missing an available moment with his son. He has even learned to cook in order to let me have a break from time to time! I’ve never seen him more proud of anything than he is of his son, and it makes me love him more and more each day. I can’t wait to see them grow together, and I can only imagine how a daughter will soften his heart even more. He deserves to be celebrated every day (as all dad’s do), and I only hope he gets to hear this message and know how much we truly love him.” –Jenn for her husband, Jared Flora (Roanoke)
“I have a strong Dad in my life, my husband. He is the best father I could have ever dreamed of for our kids. He was present for all of my Ultrasounds during my pregnancy, and my appointments, and both births. I could not and would not have done that without him. Not a lot of women say that. He would rather loose sleep than miss a game or activity that are kids are having or involved in. He has more patience with our kids than I do. He has taught me patience. To put the cherry on top, he is currently working 3rd shift at his job and he has decided to take on keeping our kids this summer during the day and sleep in the evening so the kids do not have to go do daycare. They can be comfortable and actually have a “Summer Vacation”. He is so dedicated and proud of his children. He says prayers with them every night and tells them every night “I am proud of you and I am glad I am your Daddy.” Melts my heart. Thank you Joe for being such a wonderful Father to our babies.” –Magen for her husband, Joseph Windel (Roanoke)

“This has been the hardest year we have ever had to endure together and this mans faith and perseverance throughout it all has showed me what a treasure our girls and I have in this man. I almost died giving birth and was given a 50% chance to live and our daughter was given a 0.03% chance to live. We both survived by the grace of God and wonderful doctors who stepped in at the right time. That began a series of unfortunate events but none cut as deeply as losing his father five short weeks later. Through all of the pain his faith has not waivered only grew stronger, we found peace and newfound appreciation in the small moments together and learned to not take anything for granted. This man is our rock and everything I hope my daughters eventually find in a man!” –Sarah for her husband, Ryan Brockmeyer (Fairlawn)

“My dad is the strongest man I know. My hero. Things have not always been butterflies and rainbows though. When I was growing up, my dad worked 2 jobs to pay our bills and provide what we needed, so I did not see him a lot. We were not too close when I was younger. My parents went through a divorce when I was 19 years old and in College. My Dad, like many, had a time where he had a problem with alcohol. It wasn’t pretty. But when he asked me to take him to rehab, we both cried and it brought us closer. My Dad has been alcohol free for 10 years now and has currently had a Quadruple Bypass due to a recent heart attack, and has been cigarette free for 2 months. He has been my mechanic, my cook, my shoulder to cry on, my ear to listen to, my Mr. Fix everything and anything, a Paw Paw to my children, but best of all he is my Daddy. We support each other despite our failures. I cherish that. I am proud of him and what he has made me today. I love you Daddy! Happy Father’s Day Everyday!” –Magen for her father, Robert Arthur (Roanoke)

“So he isnt a biological dad but he is an amazing step dad to my son. He stepped up to the plate and has became the best step dad a child could ask for he goes above and beyond for my son. He got us a house he makes sure he is fed he spoils him. On top of that he works 40 hrs a week and watches my son during the day so I can work and he cleans. I feel like he really deserves this as he doesnt even own a grill. He does so much for us. He is a true man and a true dad.” Brittany St. Clair for Matthew Moris (Blue Ridge)

“My fiancé is an amazing dad. He has a 9 year old son, I have 2 daughters ages 6 and 8, and we have a 4 month old together. When I was pregnant we lived in a single wide trailer. Towards the end of my pregnancy and after I gave birth Joseph (Joey) was working as an assistant manager at his job servicing cars 40 hours a week. On his days off and after he got off his day job he was fixing up the house next door for our family. Flooring, painting, cleaning, fixing walls, and so much more just to make sure we got into the new house before my maternity leave was up. He worked so hard then and now on his days off from his normal job he has picked up another job helping doing roofing for extra money. He will pick up kids from sitter while I’m still at work and get home and fix supper and take care of the kids until I get home that night. He really does not take time for himself and deserves this so much. He is an amazing dad and does whatever he can for our family to make sure everyone else is taken care of.” Lori for her fiancé, Bob Grella (Crozet)

“This is actually my father in law. Now deceased. But he was like a dad to me. He loved cooking for his family. And he was a good cook. Guy would watch you eat with a hint of a smile. He taught me a lot about cooking. Now I love cooking for my family. Especially when I bake Cornbread, which he was renowned for. Now everyone loves my/his cornbread. The grill would actually be used by me, but in his memory. I loved him as my own father. Everybody should have someone like him in their life. I’m fortunate to have had him in mine.” –Johnny for father-in-law, Guy Wilson (Roanoke)

“I want to shout out my husband Albert a.k.a. Smoke! He is a loving father who stepped up for a child he does not share blood with. He also helped bless our family with a second bundle of joy named Nataleigh Ann Barrett this past October. He is a hard working man that will do anything for his family and we are truly blessed for all that he has done and continues to do for us!” –Paige for her husband, Albert (Smoke) Barrett (Roanoke)

“I want to nominate my ex-husband for the Strong Dad shout out! Although we were very young when we became parents, barely adults, he has always stepped up and provided for our daughter like no other person ever could or would. We have been through some rough times and are no longer together, but that has never stopped him from making our daughter, Delilah, his #1 in life. He will always be her favorite person, her “dig-dog”, her protector. I know how deep his love is for his daughter, and know that no one else could ever compare. There are alot of great dads out there, but Jeremy is that plus so much more. He deserves a special shout out on this day, and everyday.” Stephanie for Jeremy Catron (Huddleston)

“The Father I want to shout out to, isnt my father, its my fiance. My son, Zachary and I were in an abusive relationship, with his biological dad. I left him, and met Ryan. He has been with Zachary and I every since he was a year old, he is now 3. Ryan loves him like his own, he goes to his ninja classes, wakes up with him in the middle of the night, makes him feel safe, and plays with him like a silly person! We recently had boy, who is now 6 months. Ryan wakes up in the middle of the night with him as well, feeds him, changes his poopies, and gives him all the love in the world! He is such a wonderful father and we all love him! (:” –Paige for her fiancé, Ryan Adams (Dublin)

“My dad is a great Godly man. He has always been there for his family. I am a daddy’s girls. I thank him for all he has done. Hes there we I need someone to talk to. Hes there when I need cheering up. Hes there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I love my daddy.” –Jennifer for her father, Ronald Atlice (Rocky Mount)

“My name is Jocelyn and I am 4 years old. I can’t write yet but mommy said if I wanted to say something nice about my daddy she would write it for me. My daddy is the bestest daddy in the whole world. He lets me do everything my mommy won’t let me do and he lets me eat all the gummy bears when he buys them. He also showed me how to eat sunflower seeds which is one of my favorite snacks to eat with my daddy. He lets me have lots of popsicles too! My daddy is a hero! He served in the Navy. He takes care of me and my baby brother when mommy needs a break but he also works very hard to give me what I need. He teaches me that no matter how hard something is, never give up. I Love my daddy soooo much and I hope he has a good Fathers Day!” –Chandra for her husband, Javon Williamson (Roanoke)

“My dad has always been there to make mine and my brother and sisters lives the best that we could have. As children, he taught us how to do everything, showed us how to have fun, shared all of the family time, but most of all, loved us unconditionally. As adults, he had been there to support our crazy ideas, giving us all the confidence to succeed at whatever ventures we try. He leads by example in his life, loving his family and working hard every day to show us that love.” –Trey for his father, Russell Seneff (Union Hall)

“My dad is retired from the us army and also from EMS. He has always spent his life helping others. A few years ago, he moved here from indiana to help my sister and I with our kids. He also helps take my mom, his ex wife lol, to her Dr appts since she can’t drive after a stroke. He also is a big part of his church and their school. My dad has fought tons of health issues that have impacted his life tremendously but will still do what he can to help anyone. He gives so much for everyone else I would love to do something special for him.” –Shana for her father, Jeff Melvin (Dublin)

”First off he’s my uncle. Since my dad passed in 2004 he has stepped up, helped me out and been there no matter what playing the role of my dad and a granddad figure for my children. He has been irreplaceable!” Hunter for Chris Thomas (Salem)

“We lost my mom just over ten years ago. My dad was lost and so was I. I was 21 when she died of melanoma, she was 48. I did what I could for him while also trying to live my life. After a few years, I became engaged and pregnant. When my daughter was born, my dad’s world changed again. He had a new buddy. He volunteered to keep her every weekend while I worked, for free. We have since moved and had another baby. I don’t see my dad as much but would love for him to receive a wonderful father’s day gift like this one. He has been my rock for over 10 years now. I love him and miss being close to him.”  -Shannon for Kern Gravely (Galax)

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