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The Mornin' Thang

Monica Brooks & Antoine Terrell​

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The Mornin' Thang mixes the hottest topics of the day with drama only they can stir up every weekday between 6 and 10am.

Monica Brooks

Monica Brooks has been a member of the K92 Mornin’ Thang since 2008. Listeners have coined her fresh, bubbly and contagious persona as Monica Brooks. Monica is mother to Ava and Hendrix; listeners have followed their births and Monica’s journey up top their current stages. Monica’s energetic and hilarious stories of being a wife and mom are fan favorites.

Monica has been acknowledged by her radio co-hosts and featured on a panel as “One of the Top Influential Women in Radio”. The Mornin’ Thang has won several awards from public-voted contests including “Best Radio DJ” as awarded by Lynchburg Living Magazine, and “Best Radio Personalities to Get You Moving in the Morning” from the reader’s choice category of The Roanoker Magazine.

Antoine Terrell

Antoine Terrell has been a part of the K92 family since March of 2019. Prior to working at K92, Antoine worked with individuals with Autism, working to improve their quality of life and the quality of life of the people around them. Antoine also has a background in improv and stand-up comedy.

Antoine has brought that same passion and commitment to the K92 Mornin’ Thang! He wants to be a part of the community by enriching the lives of the listeners in this area. When he picks up the mic each morning, Antoine has one goal of starting everyone’s morning with a smile and laugh. When he’s not on the air, you can find Antoine at the local movie theaters watching superhero movies, playing sports, or spending time with friends and family!

Image by Jukka Aalho

Mornin' Thang Podcast

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