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Texting Terms & Conditions

Company Messaging Alerts
What is Wheeler Broadcasting Alerts?
Wheeler Broadcasting Alerts is a program that lets customers opt-in to receive text message notifications
from Wheeler Broadcasting. To subscribe to marketing updates such as event or product information, text
join to 52353.
Is it free?
Messages and data rates may apply. Depending on your text plan, you may be charged by your
How many messages should I expect to receive?
[Recurring programs] Messages are recurring, and the frequency of those messages may vary.
[One-off programs] You will receive 1 message per query.
What if I don't want to receive any further notification messages?
Text STOP to 52353 to cancel the Company Alerts service. After doing so you may receive an optout confirmation, and then will no longer receive any texts from Wheeler Broadcasting
What if I want more info?
Text HELP to 52353 for more information or contact Wheeler Broadcasting at +1.540.774.9200
STOP: At any time, you can text STOP to 52353. This will prevent you from receiving any future
texts from Wheeler Broadcasting.
HELP: At any time, you can text HELP to 52353. Texting HELP will return the following message:
Wheeler Broadcasting Alerts: For additional support please contact +1.540.774.9200
Carrier Liability
Carriers do not guarantee that alerts will be delivered and will not be liable for delayed or
undelivered messages.
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