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Antoine's Binge Watch Weekend

Best. Christmas. Ever!

Every year at Christmas, Jackie sends a cocky newsletter to her friend Charlotte. Fate brings Charlotte to Jackie's doorstep. As a result, Charlotte tries to prove that her friend's life is not perfect.

Location: Netflix


The British series follows a crew of experts who apparently pulled off a big job and have since scattered, taking on new identities, only to be pulled back together when someone starts killing them off one by one. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Gemma Arterton, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Eddie Izzard star.

Location: Hulu

Coach Prime

Coach Prime is a six-episode docuseries that transports fans inside the locker room and onto the field of Deion ”Coach Prime” Sanders’ University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) football program for the 2023 season. This year, Coach Prime and the Buffs have shaken up the college football landscape yet again, placing CU Boulder at the center of the sports world.

Location: Prime Video

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