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Antoine's Binge Watch Weekend

Mean Girls

New student Cady Heron gets welcomed into the top of the social food chain by an elite group of popular girls called the Plastics, ruled by the conniving queen bee Regina George. However, when Cady makes the major misstep of falling for Regina's ex-boyfriend, she soon finds herself caught in their crosshairs.

Location: Movie Theater


A master thief is wooed by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to pull off an impossible heist with his international crew on a 777 passenger flight from London to Zurich.

Location: Netflix

Good Grief

Daniel Levy’s new Netflix movie, Good Grief, may surprise viewers. Written and directed by Levy in his directorial debut, Levy casts himself as a thirty-something man dealing with the aftermath of the tragic and sudden death of his husband (played by Luke Evans). Levy’s character is forced to reconcile with some hard truths about his late husband, but more importantly, about his own handling of loss.

Location: Netflix

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