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Antoine's Binge Watch Weekend

True Detective: Night Country

After almost five years away, the hit HBO anthology series is returning for its long-awaited fourth season, and it's moving the action to Alaska, a far cry from the hot and sweaty climates the show used to call home. Subtitled Night Country, this season stars Jodie Foster and Kali Reis as a pair of detectives tasked with investigating a mysterious case — the disappearance of eight men who operate an Arctic research station — during the long winter night.

Location: Max

On The Roam

Jason Momoa travels across the country to meet the extraordinary individuals blazing their own path.

Location: Max

Ted: Season 1

By 1993, Ted the foul-mouthed teddy bear's moment of fame has passed. He's moved back in with his best friend, likable but awkward 16-year-old John Bennett, who lives in a working-class Boston home with his parents, Matty and Susan, and cousin Blaire. Matty's a blustering, blue-collar Bostonian who thinks he's the unequivocal boss of the house and doesn't like anyone challenging him, particularly his liberal-minded niece. Susan is kind, selfless and almost pathologically sweet when it comes to caring for her family. Blaire is a smart and politically correct college student who's not afraid to speak her mind and frequently clashes with her more traditionalist family.

Location: Peacock

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