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ChatGPT Sucks at Writing an Anger Diary

Dear Diary …

Don’t listen to what THEY tell you! And you know what? I think I finally figured out who “they” is … it’s the robots!

Cuz that’s all you hear now … “oh AI is so good … you can ask it to do anything and it’s perfect … total time and money saver!”

Oh good … here we go … we’re finally just laying down for the future Robot Revolution and letting The Terminator finally take over because our Robot Gods just make life darn easy.

OK fine! Let's ask ChatGPT to write this Anger Diary for me then so I don't have to. So I go in to their little site and I say “write a new diary entry for in the same writing style” and here’s what I got …

“Hey there, fellow anger warriors!”

OK … first of all … I ain’t never said that. It’s “Dear Diary” you stupid robot.

And I’m gonna save you from having to hear the whole entry (because it sucks), but here’s a snippet (and I WILL read it like a dork) …

“Buckle up for a hilariously frustrating adventure that unfolded in my kitchen recently. Picture this: It's Monday morning, and I'm ready to conquer the world with a perfect slice of toast. But oh no, my trusty toaster decides it's time to join the dark side!

I pop in the bread, press the lever, and wait...and wait...and wait. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The toaster's playing mind games with me. It's become a stubborn rebel, refusing to do its only job.”

Ugh … this is terrible … story goes on … apparently I’m supposed to like shake the toaster or something according to the robot … oh and then there’s toast at the end and I’m supposed to "end the story with a wink and a toast-shaped smiley face.”

OK … this is awful. The robots are trash.

They’re not replacing humans! (OK, maybe really dumb humans, but those need replacing anyway so it's cool.)

Like have you seen those terrible commercials people post on YouTube? They brag, “this whole thing was done with AI … even the people are computer generated.”

Yeah … and the “people” are fine on a quick glance, but then they turn toward the camera and it’s like when you’re having a dream and you’re about to kiss a pretty lady … or guy depending on whatever parts you enjoy … and they look all sexy and beautiful … and then … their faces suddenly get all [EVIL LAUGH] like they’re Pennywise the Clown or something.

People … we in trouble man … we letting the robots in too much. Pretty soon we’re gonna have extension cords at the base of our skulls and we’re gonna just become some sort of drooling nutrient farm for our Overlords.

Happy Tuesday!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye

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