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Our Favorite Holiday Smells Include Christmas Trees, Cookies, and Fires

An early Christmas poll looked at our favorite holiday smells. The top five are Christmas trees, cookies, cinnamon, hot chocolate, and gingerbread.

Thanksgiving is over, so it's straight into Christmas news, I guess: An early Christmas poll asked people to rank their favorite holiday SMELLS. And Christmas trees ranked first.

We're a little suspicious, because the poll was done by a group called the "REAL Christmas Tree Board." But the rest of the rankings do seem about right . . .

1. Christmas trees. 56% said it's one of their favorite holiday smells.

2. Cookies.

3. Cinnamon.

4. Hot chocolate.

5. Gingerbread.

6. Peppermint.

7. A fire burning in the fireplace.

8. Chestnuts. (I bet half the people who voted for that are just big Nat King Cole fans.)

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