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Parents Say These Are the Top Must-Have Back-to-School Supplies

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

A poll of 1,000 parents found the top must-have back-to-school supplies include basics like pens and notebooks . . . a decent laptop or tablet . . . a backpack . . . and headphones.

If you haven't done your kids' back-to-school shopping yet, here's your list: Someone polled 1,000 parents and asked them to name the top "must-have" school supplies. Here are the top five . . .

1. Basic supplies, like pens, pencils, and notebooks.

2. A decent laptop or tablet device.

3. Backpacks and lunchboxes.

4. "Retro supplies," like Trapper Keepers and '90s gel pens.

5. Headphones.

The poll also found parents are a little less anxious than they were in 2021 and 2020, when online classes were still in full swing.

Half of parents said covid was a top concern last year, but now only 26% say the same. 29% are worried about staffing issues at their kid's school though.

The top concern for teachers is that kids still aren't totally caught back up academically after the pandemic delayed everything.

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