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Nine Signs It's Lust, Not Love

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

A relationship expert came up with nine signs it's lust, not love. A few of the big ones include: You're obsessed . . . you want to be around them all the time . . . you can't think of any flaws they have . . . and you feel like you love them but don't actually know them that well.

Have you ever thought you were in love with someone . . . then realized you'd only known them a week, so maybe it WASN'T love? Someone talked to a relationship therapist, who came up with nine signs it's LUST, not love. Here's the list . . . 1. You're obsessed. You're constantly thinking about them, replaying moments, and imagining different scenarios.

2. You want to be around them all the time. No matter how much you're with them, it's not enough.

3. You think they're perfect. You can't think of any flaws they have.

4. You don't really know them that well. If you just met, it's not love. It's lust.

5. The sexual attraction is super strong. That alone doesn't necessarily mean it's just lust. But there's a pretty good chance, especially if you haven't been together very long.

6. Your outlook is clouded. You like them a lot, but you're not sure why exactly.

7. You feel like you're trying to "catch" them. Or like it's a game you're trying to win. That one can apply whether you're dating someone, or just WANT to date them.

8. You don't feel accepted, or you aren't really being yourself around them. If you're afraid to let them see the true you, it's not love yet.

9. It's all about you. Meaning you're still not willing to sacrifice, or put their needs ahead of yours sometimes. Until then, it's lust, not love. (Men's Health)

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