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Zack's Anger Diary: Down With Healthy Snacks

Dear Diary …

Last week I made a declaration in the house … we … are going to have … more healthy snack options!

If I’m being honest, I may have just had a little bit of a hissy fit with the kids over their snacks, but I was sick of it. Dang kids will go thru a box Cheezits in a day … bag of Takis in like an hour. Shoot we bought a bag of these peanut butter chocolate things … gone in less than 24 hours.

I looked at the package … ten servings. TEN! And while I disagree with those dumb serving size suggestions, that’s still way too many. Plus … I didn’t get none! No fair!

So I made the decision … that … is IT. When I go to the store this week I shall be purchasing … healthy snacks. You don’t like it? Too bad … you don’t buy or pay for the groceries … so eat a piece of celery and be quiet.

So Diary … I am here to report as we go thru our first week of healthy snack options … it stinks. I hate it!!! Man these snacks suck. Handful of nuts … piece of celery … carrots … BOOOO!!! What am I? Some kind of animal in a petting zoo?

And I don’t care what anybody says … these snacks don’t fill you up. They just leave you sad and unfulfilled … like eating soup for dinner and trying to claim it’s a meal. [[Hey Monica!]]

And it is just dang disrespectful by God to create us … then create all these wonderful foods .. and then tell us not to eat ‘em and we're gonna die and to go eat quinoa instead. Quinoa is even spelled all stupid … how dare you do this to us!

Also … Diary … when it comes to delicious and unhealthy things … there is no bigger downer on earth then when that unhealthy treat isn’t as good as it should be. I had a burger recently … cold. Cheese wasn’t even melted.

So now … here I am eating this underwhelming burger (and yes I ate it because it’s still better than kale) … but now I’m getting all the bad food calories … but none of the bad food enjoyment. Again ... BOOO!!!

And and one more thing God … yeah I’m talkin’ to you … cuz I know you’re listening right now …

Why are burgers like two bites less than they should be? Every time I eat a wonderful and delicious burger, it’s always done and … mmm … I want like two more bites. And not a second burger or a second patty or whatever … that’s too much. Just two more bites. Is that too much to ask??

And don’t tell me just to get another burger and only eat two bites of it, cuz you and I know that ain’t never gonna happen. I’ll eat myself grossly full before I let that meat go to waste!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye

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