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Zack's Anger Diary: These Kids Today

Dear Diary …

I’m gonna help you out today … because sometimes we don’t realize what other people think about us. And I assume you don’t wanna look like a idiot to other people, right? So … allow me to help.

If you say this phrase … “These kids today … they just don’t wanna work!”

You are a fool. And you look like a whiny old dinosaur to other people.

There … you’re welcome!

And I know you’re gonna come back at me and say, “But it’s true! This young generation is lazy and they don’t have any desire to put in an honest day’s work.”

Now first of all … you’re right. It IS true. Of course “young people today” don’t wanna work, because “young people yesterday” didn’t wanna work either. And I’m gonna blow your mind here a little bit, but YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! We were ALL one of those people.

What 22 year old really wants to just buckle down and focus real hard on their job and career?

Shoot … I don’t wanna work NOW and I’m old, but I definitely didn’t wanna work when I was “the younger generation.”

When I was a teenager I worked at the grocery store … and if they sent me to the back rooms to do something I would go do it. And then just sit there. And sit there. And basically just wait until somebody paged me. Sometimes it would be like an hour.

Why? Cuz I didn’t wanna work.

Work sucks! That’s why they call it “work?” All I cared about was figuring out how to leave as quickly as possible and what place had the Happy Hour with the cheapest drinks so I could drink 9 of ‘em and forget my lousy work day.

And you did the same dang thing … not because you were lazy, but because you were young … and stupid. We were all young and stupid ... it's part of being young! And do you remember when your Grandpa talked about “the War” and how bread cost a nickel and “you kids today don’t know the value of hard work and all you want to do is listen to your hippity hop rap music?”

Yeah well guess what … you’re grandpa now!

And why does everybody always insist on crapping on fast food workers? “They wanna make $15 an hour just to work at McDonald’s.”

Oh yeah? Well I got news for you … they deserve to get paid that because they gotta deal with unreasonable people like you every day. You think THEY’RE the entitled ones? You’re the one threatening to go over the counter because “they messed up my order.” Who's entitled now?

I don’t wanna work there for $15 an hour. Shoot … double it. Still don’t wanna work there. But I do know this … I am dang grateful that they’re there doing it … and you should too.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.

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