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Secret Sound Clues

Secret Sound #2

Starting Monday June 5th

Secret Sound #1




"Here Comes The Bride" - Referring to "throwing" rice at a wedding
"Legendary Alt Rock Album" - Referring to Live's "Throwing Copper"
"Quitters Do This" - Throw In The Towel
"You've gotta play first" - referring to the "opening" act of a concert
"A conduit for Transport" - Referring to the Packet that holds the Ketchup
"The beginning of possibilities" - referring to "opening" or the start of something
"The key to unlocking what is hidden" - Referring to the word "Opening"
"A container that holds the treasure" - Referring to the ketchup packet.
"A means to journey" - Referring to the Ketchup Packet carrying the Ketchup
"A crack in the veil" - Referring to "Opening"
"Doing this leads to lord of problems" - OPENING Pandora's box
"Amateur radio tool" - PACKET radio
"They brought the mail" - Referring to PACKET boats
"Digital radio stutter" - Digital PACKET loss
"Will cause you to become unstable" - In martial arts a THROW is a grappling technique that involves off balancing an opponent
"Fairchild Designed" - Referring to the C-82 PACKET, a twin-engine aircraft designed and built by Fairchild Aircraft.
"A protective shell" - Referring to the ketchup PACKET"
A symphony of flies" -  This clue symbolizes GARBAGE as a gathering place for flies
"Two Five Five Zero Zero" - The RGB color model for RED (The color of Ketchup) is composed of 255 units of red, 0 units of green, and 0 units of blue.
"K" and "C" creating a divide - There are two different accepted spellings for the same condiment "Ketchup" and "Catsup"
"A passageway to the final resting place" - Referring to the GARBAGE CAN as the passageway for the packet to end up at the landfill.
"Secrets of the vine." -  Referring to the Tomato Vine (Ketchup ingredient)
"Tangy whispers of a hidden symphony" - "Catsup" implies the tangy concealed symphony of flavors.
"Cryptic blend of sweetness and tang" - The combination of Sweetness and Tanginess of "Catsup/Ketchup" symbolizing the tomato into a condiment. 
"Taste the nightshade's elixir" - The Tomato is a "nightshade" fruit.
"Strawberries, Grapes, and Apples" - A tomato, the main ingredient in Ketchup is also a fruit.
"Do this to remove the contents" - Open the PACKET of ketchup and SQUEEZE out the contents
"A dipping sauce, or a topping" - Ketchup
"Perfectly paired with fries" - Ketchup
"Discard the empty container" - Referring to THROWING the packet in the TRASH

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