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Secret Sound Clues

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Secret Sound #9

Secret Sound Winner #9: Lindsay from Buena Vista won $2000 with our final Secret Sound by guessing opening a package of laundry pods and dropping 2 into the washer.


- clean
- unzip
- container

wrong guesses:
- taking a dish detergent pack out of the bag, putting it in the dishwasher and closing the door.


Secret Sound Winner #8: Evelyn from Roanoke guessed correctly taking a pair of shoes out of a shoe 
box, sitting them down and closing the box. 

- vessel

 - exercise
- display
- lower body
- extract
- lid
- cardboard
- withdraw
- laced
- sealed
- just do it
- 3 steps

wrong guesses:
- pumping up a ball and bouncing it
- someone tearing wrapping paper and wrapping a Christmas present.
- ripping the plastic off a package and bouncing a ball
- velcroing the bottom of a pair of pants
- taking shoes out of a shoe box, putting them on and standing up.
- opening a package with an exercise ball, dropping it on the floor and the ball bouncing
- taking shoes out of the gym bag and putting them on the floor.
- taking out a yoga mat, taking the straps off and putting it on the floor
- opening a shoebox, taking the shoes out of the box, and sitting them on the floor
- taking shoes out of a box and dropping them on the floor.
- adhering velcro shoes and taking steps in them.
- walking into the gym, sitting down on a rowing machine and strapping your feet in.
- opening a shoe box, putting on the shoes and closing the box
- taking a shoe out of a shoe box, setting the box down and putting the shoe on top of the box.

Secret Sound Winner #7: Morgan from Buena Vista guessed putting an oven rack into the oven and shutting the oven door.

- tropical
- steel
- structure
- load
- hatch
- heat
- load

- seal
- platform

- mitts

wrong guesses:

 - vending machine processing an order, pushing it to the front, then falling down and opening the flap to grab the order
- opening a pop-up canopy
- a machine digging a hole in the ground
- someone putting fruit and ice in a blender and blending.
- putting ice in a blender and putting the lid on.
- someone turning on a furnace and the coal rumbling around.
- marbles running through a marble track and falling down into a collection tray.
- taking something out of the oven, sitting it down and closing the oven door
- food saver vacuum sealer taking the air out of the bag.
- loading pellets into a pellet stove and closing the lid.
- taking coal out of a furnace, putting it in a trash can and closing the door.

Secret Sound Winner #6: Tonya from Christiansburg guessed opening a box of nails, taking out a nail and closing the box.


 - sharp
- ajar
- fasten
- fingers
- shut down
- receptacle
- often grand
- relief pitcher

 - Jack's home
- pandora

 - to go
- hammer
- head

wrong guesses:

 - taking a knife out of the sheath and sharping it and then sliding it back in.

 - someone pulling the string on a chainsaw to start it.
- someone cutting open a box
- opening a bag of chips, putting your hand in the bag and eating the chips.
- opening a stapler, putting in new staples and closing the stapler.
- taking a bucket, putting it underneath an ice machine, filling the bucket and then taking it off.
- snow cone machine
- opening a box cutter, cutting the box and then closing the box cutter
- opening a bag of cheese, pulling the cheese out and closing the bag

 - opening a frame, putting a picture in it and hanging it up.
- pulling toast out of the toaster and spreading jelly on it with a knife.
- opening a laptop, taking it out of the box and sitting it down
- someone opening a jewelry box, taking out a piece of jewelry and closing the box.
- someone opening a toolbox, taking a tool out and closing the toolbox
- opening a bag of chips, reaching into the bag and eating the chips.


Secret Sound Winner #5: Jessica from Botetourt guessed unhooking a retractable dog leash from a dog collar and the leash retracting back.


 - undo
- band
- restraint
- line
- nylon
- complete
- stride
wrong guesses:

 - taking a suitcase out and unzipping it
- unlocking a seat belt and the belt retracting
- taking off a seatbelt
- unbuckling a belt and sliding it out of the loop
- unhooking an airport stanchion and then it retracts
- packing the inside of a suitcase

 - unzipping a suitcase then unbuckling the straps inside the suitcase.
- taking the wrapper off a piece of gum and crumbling up the wrapper
- tent being zipped up
- taking a collar or harness off a dog and letting it run free.

Secret Sound #4 Winner: Olivia from Roanoke guessed replacing an air filter in an HVAC unit.


 - flow
- maintenance
- swap
- dirty

wrong guesses:

 - bottle of water falling down inside a vending machine

 - sliding a jack up under a vehicle
- someone taking a pair of scissors, cutting along wrapping paper, and hitting the table as it goes.

Secret Sound #3 Winner: Noah from Bedford guessed pouring or dumping slime onto a piece of aluminum foil


 - spill
- glue
- shiny

 - case

 - soap

 - tear

 - plastic
- kid

 - messy
- sticky
- green

 - Reynold's
- Nickelodeon
- tilt

 - You Can't Do That On Televison

 - this sound has 2 parts
- rolls

 - shiny paper

 - gooey

 - to dump

wrong guesses:

 - a cup of coffee or tea being knocked over and spilled

 - someone bumping into a water cooler and making the water cooler bubble.
- something getting stuck in a blender
- pulling a wipe out of the container

 - taking the cap off a bottle of soda and it fizzing up.
- tearing off a piece of cling wrap off a roll
- boiling water bubbling over the pot

 - pulling packing tape from the top of a box and the opening the flaps on the box
- squeezing slime together where it makes that pop

 - someone pushing the nozzle down on a water cooler and the water splashing into a cup

 - taking out a sheet of aluminum foil

 - dispensing glue remover shampoo
- making a container of slime
- opening a container of bubbles and pulling the wand out.
- children playing with glue, spilling it and then cleaning it up
- someone spraying a can of Scrubbing Bubbles on a tub
- pulling the kitchen sprayer hose out and spraying it
- putting soap on a sponge and cleaning up a mess
- tearing the lid off a container of slime and dumping it out.
- spraying a Swiffer Wet Jet mop
- someone shoving their hand into a container of slime

 - someone making slime
- taking slime out of the container.
- pouring slime out and putting the lid on the container

 - taking a container of slime and pouring into another container

 - taking plastic off a container of slime and pouring it out
- taking the aluminum foil off the container of slime and dumping it.

 - Nickelodeon Slime Bubble Blower


 - Secret Sound #2 Winner: Susan from Roanoke guessed correctly: taking a battery our of a smoke alarm, throwing it away and putting in a new battery.


 - safety

 - power source
- opposite of low

 - warning
- common task
- seal

wrong guesses:

 - buckling a seatbelt
- getting gas then closing the cap and the door.
- opening the power box, flipping the switch for the breaker.
- pushing and pulling out the knobs on a washer or dryer.

 - someone trying to start a gas grill.

 - loading an old school candy dispenser, opening the top, popping out the candy then shutting it.
- a stapler


Secret Sound #1 Winner: Renee from Roanoke won $1ooo with the correct guess "taking a costume out of a plastic bag"


 - conceal

 - plastic

 - eerie

 - pull

 - fashion
- scary

 - unveil

Previous wrong guesses:

 - taking garbage out of the trash can, bagging it up and putting a new bag in the trash can.
 - carving and taking the lid off the top of a pumpkin
- taking the plastic sides off of an ice cream container and taking off the lid.

 - pulling and closing blinds on a window.

 - crushing plastic bottles
- taking a mask out of a box and putting it on your head.
- taking a mask out of the package and putting it on your head.


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